Still Single? 5 Things You're Doing Absolutely Right

If you're single because you didn't settle, pat yourself on the back.

single lady

It's not always easy living la vida solo — especially when everyone has an opinion as to why you're single and what you're doing wrong. But in actuality, if you're not in a relationship right now, it means you're doing plenty of things absolutely right! Read on to see the reasons being single is awesome and why you should be proud of yourself. 

1. You Refuse to Settle 
True, you haven't met the love of your life, but you also haven't lowered your standards and settled for a relationship that fails to excite you. Many people reach a particular age and figure it's time to settle down. But sadly, in such cases, settling down often entails settling. Marriages of convenience or those that occur because, "it seemed like the next logical step" lack passion and enthusiasm, leaving their members vulnerable to tedium, strife, and infidelity. But you won't compromise for a lackluster union. And for that, you should be commended!


2. You're Not Afraid of Being Alone
Too many people limp along in mediocre or unhealthy relationships refusing to call it quits because they can't handle being alone. Pervasive social pressure to couple up and a lingering stigma associated with single status can cause even the strongest of us to pale at the thought of going stag to yet another wedding, benefit, or office party. But hanging on to someone to avoid the discomfort of lonely weekends is not only lame, it's cruel. No one wants to be used like that. So kudos to you for braving the social scene sans a plus one!

3. You're Staying True to Yourself
You probably hear a decent amount of advice as to how you need to change in order to meet The One. Unsolicited commentary on your dating style and approach may come from various sources — your mom, married friends, and even exes. Of course, you want to continue to grow to become the best you possible, but at the same time, you need to remain true to yourself and be authentically you! Ultimately, the person you end up with will want the genuine article, not some manufactured persona designed to snag dates. 


4. You Don't Need Anyone to Make You Happy 
Experiencing adulthood without a partner is perhaps the best ways to learn one of life's most important lessons — no one can make you happy except yourself. When we're coupled up, it's easy to expect our significant other to make us happy or blame him/her when we're feeling low. Of course, in strong relationships, our partner's presence greatly enhances our overall life satisfaction but ultimately, responsibility for our emotional well-being is ours alone. Single adults know it's their job to make themselves happy every day — period. What a wonderful quality to bring to your next relationship!

5. You're Staying Positive and Hopeful
After a handful (or slew) of unsuccessful relationships, it would be easy enough to give up and get into a negative space about the whole dating scene. But that's not you! In fact, here you are reading about love and relationships looking for inspiration, encouragement, and maybe a tip or two. A positive, upbeat attitude consistently ranks as one of the most attractive qualities people look for in a partner so remaining hopeful can only help your future chances for love. 

See! Singles are doing plenty of things right. It's about time we gave them credit for waiting on a relationship that's meaningful, exhilarating, and perfect for them.

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