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About Karin Anderson Abrell

Dr. Karin Anderson has a doctorate in developmental psychology, a track record of well-received presentations at national and international psychology conferences, and a speaking platform focusing on women’s identity and adult family relationships. 

However, the inspiration for her Your Tango writing derives from the ebb and flow of her personal relationships—not the data garnered from professional research. Yet it’s precisely this fusion of academic chops and “girl about town” experience that perfectly positions her to tackle themes of relationships and single adulthood. Readers perceives her as “one of them,” connecting with her accessible and engaging voice. Yet as an academic, she provides a measure of objectivity and authority that enlightens, encourages, and empowers.

Her latest book, Single Is The New Black: Don't Wear White 'Til It's Right presents a new angle sorely needed in the relationship genre―one that counteracts the messages single women frequently field, such as “You’re too picky!”, “You’re too needy!”, or “You’re too neurotic, which is why you aren’t married.” Single Is The New Black encourages women to stay true to themselves, instead of changing just to “snag a man.” It asserts that single women are smart, sexy, cream-of-the-crop “catches” who will eventually be “caught” ―it just hasn’t happened yet. And that's perfectly fine because single is the new black!

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