Want To Talk To The Dead? All You Need To Do Is Believe


Did you know that beings in spirit are constantly sending us signs of their presence? But we humans often don't notice the signs.  

Why are we deaf, dumb and blind to the signs of spirit presence in our lives?

For one thing, the signals of spirit presence are often subtle — spirits have a way of remaining anonymous, which makes it easy to overlook them. So don't expect to be bowled over. On the other hand, don't be shocked or frightened if you experience astonishing displays from another realm. I certainly have.

But there's another reason why we miss the signs that are constantly being sent to us: Because we've been told that we can't communicate with loved ones in heaven.

Why are we told this?

Are the cell towers in heaven broken?

Or, are the transmissions from heaven not strong enough to reach the earth?

After my husband, Jean, left his body in 2006, I discovered that many Christians are riddled with false teachings and beliefs that block their ability to communicate with spirit beings. On more than one occasion since Jean died, priests have told me that the spirit lingers close to the earth for only a short while after death, and that once our loved ones are in heaven they are forever out of reach. Any attempt to make contact with the spirit world at this point is, according to some religious leaders, akin to doing the devil's work. If we accept that paradigm, we're condemned to tolerate an emotional wasteland in which our relationships are held in suspension (and suspense) until we're reunited in death.

Heaven Revealed

However, Jean wants you to know that what we've been told about the afterlife is dead wrong (no pun intended). Heaven is a state — not a place. Heaven is all around us. Heaven is here and now. This means that we don't need to wait (and we should not wait) until we die to reconnect with loved ones in spirit.

When we assume and expect that we cannot communicate with those who have passed on, it is enough to block our ability to perceive the signs of spiritual presence. The following example shows the power of our expectations to change our perception of reality. Studies show that if you're told that a medical procedure will be painful, your body will produce a neuropeptide called Substance P, a chemical that is responsible for causing pain in the body. In other words, the anticipation of pain actually produces pain.

Therefore, if you're told that you won't hear from loved ones who have passed, you'll shut your ears and close your eyes, and lo and behold, your expectations will be fulfilled.  The sad result of such teachings is that they prevent you from realizing that your loved ones are reaching out to you all the time, patiently waiting for you to open the doors of your heart and mind.

So, your first step to reconnecting with loved ones in spirit is to know that it's possible.

Next, I will help you to open up all your senses so you can perceive the various signs that you are receiving. You don't even need a medium, channeler or psychic to act as intermediary: All humans are born with an innate ability to connect to spirits. We just need a little help to turn on this dormant channel that exists within us. I devote an entire chapter in my book, Love Never Dies, to training you with fun exercises that fine-tune each of your five senses. In no time, you will be ready to recognize the signs of spirit presence in your life.  

And, as you will soon discover, when a loved one is no longer confined to the limitations of the body, the soul is released and free to soar. Being pure energy, spirits can influence the material world in astonishing ways that defy time, space, gravity and the laws of science.

The ways spirit can influence the material world are infinite. As I outline the most common signs, you are going to be amazed to discover that you are receiving a constant sprinkling of spiritual bread crumbs. As you will see, beings in spirit are working very hard to let you know that they yearn to continue a relationship with you.

They're offering these signs to remind you that they are watching over you and supporting you as you travel down life's bumpy roads. Above all, they are here to assist you in completing your spiritual growth so that you may fulfill your divine purpose on earth to perfect your ability to love yourself and others more fully.

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