Believe It Or Not, Soul Mates Are Real

It is a special love that transcends time, space and even death.

Love: Finding Your Soul Mate

Your soul mate is someone with whom you instantly click and feel as if you have known your entire life. You aren’t meeting him or her for the first time; you’re reuniting after a long absence.

The greatest minds have been writing about the soul mate experience since practically the beginning of time. For example, around 385 BC, Plato wrote in his dialogue The Symposium that each human longs for the other half of his/her soul. It is said that when the two find each other, there is an unspoken understanding and that they feel unified and lie with each other in unity and joy. In addition, the Yiddish word bashert refers to one's divinely foreordained spouse or soul mate and originates from the book of Genesis.


Yet, if you ask most modern day social scientists whether soul mates are real, they will tell you: hell no! They will even go so far as to say that seeking a soul mate is settting yourself up for disappointment. When it comes to mate selection, rather than speaking of soul mates, social scientists talk about compatibility and the research that shows that there are 10,000 people worldwide who would be perfect mates for us.

Of course, science and logic can’t begin to address the mysteries of the soul. They can’t demonstrate the existence of the soul or soul mates, any more than we can prove that God exists. But our hearts know what is true.


How does compatibility relate to the concept of soul mate?

In my first book, Kiss Your Fights Good-bye, I explain that the instant sense of compatibility or click we feel for another person can be an unconscious signal alerting us to the fact that we have met someone who emotionally resembles a parent who damaged us in childhood. Since we all crave to heal our old scars by replaying them with a person who emotionally resembles the parent who let us down, it’s no surprise that we will emotionally recognize a person who is like a parent with whom we had a difficult relationship. The reason we feel a sense of elation upon meeting this new person is because we hope that he or she will help us to repeat and heal the pain of the past.

But is the wish to heal old scars a soul mate experience?

In a way it is!


After all, the highest and most divine purpose of our intimate relationships is to help each other heal our old scars. As we heal together, we are removing the obstacles to loving others and ourselves more fully, which is what we have been put on earth to do.

It’s important to clarify another key point.

Soul mates come in many forms. Some soul mates will be with us for a short time, as we learn a vital lesson together; others will take the form of a romantic life partner, friend or family member who will remain with us for a lifetime and beyond. And, after they leave their bodies, our souls remain bonded to certain loved ones who now transform into our spirit guides.

I am living proof of the astounding healing power of soul mate bond. In my upcoming book, Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased, I tell my own amazing love story with my husband of 27 years, Emile Jean Pin. As you’ll discover, the love my husband and I share didn’t end with his death from a bee sting. Our love and relationship continues.


Jean actually revealed to me soon after leaving his body that we not only have a soul bond but also a soul pact that includes continuing to work together just as we did when he lived in a body. Now, our work has evolved to include letting the world know that we don’t die.

To that end, Jean continues to bring me astonishing spirit manifestations of his ongoing presence, to let the world know, to let you know, that relationships don’t end with bodily death.
For instance, one day, early in my grief, I was weeping on the floor. I kept thinking: “I have to call my friend Ann.” Then, I thought: “No I can't bother her at work.” A half-hour later my phone rang.

It was Ann!

She said, "Did you just call?"  


said, "No, I was too busy crying."

She said, "But my phone rang and your name and number appeared on the caller ID!"

We both realized that Jean had created this miracle in order to get her to call me — and also to prove his presence.

A year later, I was lying in bed with a bad chest cough. I feared that I would suffocate, the way Jean had. I silently thought: Jean, if you are here with me in spirit, give me a sign of your presence right now by doing the same caller ID trick you used with Ann. This time, do it with my friend and housekeeper, Donna.

Within a minute, my phone rang.

It was Donna!

She said, "Did you just call?"

I said, "No."

She said, "My phone just rang and your name and number appeared on the caller ID."


We were blown away, to say the least.

Soon afterwards, I met with a group of writers. The leader of the group, Gabe, was a Jewish atheist. I told him the story of Jean's phone tricks.

Gabe said, "I would like to see that trick repeated. This time, I'd like to see whether your phone shows a record of dialing the number that's been called.".

A month later, I was driving behind him and his wife, Robin, to join them for dinner at a restaurant. At 4:58 exactly, I felt a tidal wave of love pouring into me. I could feel that it was Jean's love for me.

When I got to the restaurant, Gabe ran up to me. He said, "Jamie, you won't believe what happened!"

"What happened?"


He said, "At 4:58, my cell phone rang. Your name and number appeared on the caller ID. I picked up the call and a man's voice said, 'Is Jamie there? Is Jamie there?'" Gabe said that the voice had an accent and, as a result, the word "there" was prolonged. (Jean had a French accent and he elongated that word!) Gabe added that it wasn't a real call and the voice just faded away. And the call never clicked off.

He then said, "Get your phone and see if it shows a record of having dialed me at 4:58."

So I dug into the bottom of my purse, found the phone, and low and behold: my phone showed a record of having dialed Gabe at 4:58 pm exactly!


We three stood in awe at how Jean was not only able to manipulate electronics but also manufacture a voice that called my name! Clearly, Jean was moving heaven and earth to prove that our relationships don't end in death and love never dies.

You're going to be amazed as you read this book and discover hundreds of other mind-bending examples of Jean's astounding manifestations.

When you read about these manifestations, I don't want you to feel left out or hurt that you don’t have soul bonds with loved ones who also pull out all the stops for you.

Because Jean asked me to tell our story and to let the world that we don't die. He needed to use over-the-top manifestations to prove his point! Since he asked me to tell the world our story, this means that his manifestations are for you too.


He also wants you to know that your loved ones in spirit are right beside you. Their souls remain bonded to you, too!

And, as you will soon discover, they have also been reaching out to you all along; you just haven't known how to recognize the signs of spirit presence. But don't worry. I have an entire chapter just on this topic. Once you become aware of how to recognize these signs, you will be amazed to discover that your loved ones have been knocking on the door of your heart all along. And they are patiently waiting for you to invite them in so that they can stand beside you and support you until your days on earth are through.

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