Mark Zuckerberg's Marriage: Destined For Glory Or Doom?

Is the Facebook founder's wife the luckiest woman on earth, or should we feel sorry for her?

Mark Zuckerberg's Marriage: Destined For Glory Or Doom? [EXPERT]

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is in love. He finally married his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan. Many women probably envy her for marrying one of the greatest success stories of our time; her future holds nothing but happiness, wealth and prosperity. Meanwhile, others are concerned that she's doomed to a lifetime of inferiority since she clearly doesn't have as much wealth or visibility as her billionaire husband. So, which one will it be? I'm More Attracted To Coworkers Than My Husband. Help!


First, it is important to understand the man. Zuckerberg is obviously a highly intelligent, creative and resourceful visionary. However, he is so much more than that. He's also solid as a rock in his beliefs and his vision. For example, when a company offered to buy his "baby" for a billion dollars, he refused. When another company came along offering several billion dollars for Facebook, again, he refused … and at that time, he wasn't anywhere near as wealthy as he is today.

By all accounts, Zuckerberg is also a regular guy. He shows up at his office wearing jeans; he does not have a huge corner office with a unique view. In fact, his desk is right in the middle of all the other members of his staff. But for his famous face, one might confuse him with anyone else who worked at the Facebook office.


Chan and Zuckerberg dated for nine years. They attended Harvard together; when he was a sophomore, she was a freshman. She fell in love with a young man full of intelligence, dreams and potential. She could not possibly have predicted his unbelievably huge success. My Boyfriend's Parents Had A Bad Marriage; Are We Next?

If Chan hadn't met Zuckerberg before Facebook became the international phenomenon it is today, perhaps she'd feel intimidated or insecure around the billionaire magnate. Fortunately, she knew him way back when. She knew the young man with the dream, the vision, the fortitude and the persistence to manifest it into fruition. And now, she is fulfilling her own dream of becoming a doctor.

Together, Zuckerberg and Chan are a beautiful power couple in love. Men need women and women need men. Money does not change that. Neither status nor fame nor celebrity affects it either. However, it does take a strong, confident woman to sustain her place in a relationship with a man as powerful as Mark Zuckerberg. Clearly, Priscilla Chan is one such woman.

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