I'm More Attracted To Coworkers Than My Husband. Help!

Do you have a "work husband" or "work wife" that you like to flirt with in the office? Are you worried that this attraction—however small—might border on overpowering your attraction to your own spouse? Study: Men Like To Flirt With Coworkers Out Of Boredom

In this video, Therapist, Spiritual Healing Expert and YourTango Expert Dr. Erica Goodstone helps a reader who finds that she's more attracted to her successful, hard-working coworkers than her husband, who doesn't have the same drive when it comes to his career. She's worried that this discovery will have a negative affect on her marriage.

Dr. Erica gives her advice to this surprisingly common dilemma. See why stopping the comparisons and starting to be more supportive of your spouse can be just the thing your real relationship needs.

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