Answers To The 6 Weirdest Sex Questions You Were Too Afraid To Ask (But Really Want To Know!)

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most common sex questions women ask

Although we do live in the 21st century now, it seems as if sex is still a taboo topic that most women and men are too embarrassed to discuss.

No matter their age, people tend to experience embarrassment whenever they are asked a certain question related to their sex life. And God forbid that they ask a question themselves, especially the women.

Although insufficient knowledge of the topic of sex can actually be dangerous, women still feel too shy to actually ask a certain question that involves any detail of the sexual experience.

The following article is meant to discover the answers to 6 of the most common sex questions women are too embarrassed to ask!

Here are answers to the 6 most common questions sex questions women want to ask, but don't:

1. Can someone tell how many partners I have had?

Although honesty is one of the basic needs to form a fully stable and serious relationship with any partner, both men, and women, some women feel uncomfortable to discuss their number of sexual partners in their lifetime with anyone. And the answer to this question is a big NO.

Unless you tell someone the number of sexual partners yourself, they do not have a way of finding that out just from getting in touch with your private parts.

The wall of the vagina is actually very elastic and thanks to its ability to stretch and get back in its normal condition, there is no way of it stretching to a point that gives any information about the number of sexual partners.

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2. Do men fake orgasms, too?

Perhaps it will be a bit hard to believe, but it has been scientifically proven that men do fake their orgasms from time to time. A study published in the Journal of Sexual and Relationship Therapy in 2016 — that gathered data from questioning 230 men — concluded that 30 percent of men in the US have faked an orgasm in the past.  

3. How much masturbation is considered normal?

Both women and men use masturbation as a way to relax and enjoy themselves. Masturbating is totally normal and actually recommended by experts all around the world. But how much times in a day or a week are you supposed to masturbate? Is there a limit? Can something go wrong if you masturbate too much?

Women especially tend to trouble themselves with these questions.

Well, the truth is there is no right or wrong number — feel free to masturbate as long as it makes you happy and satisfied. Do it a couple of times a day or a week — it doesn't really matter, all that it matters is that you are healthy and happy. And if masturbation is the way to do so, then do not feel afraid to do it!

4. Should I really pee after sex for health reasons?

You should take the risk of urinary tract infections seriously. And since peeing every time after sex is one of the things that can prevent a urinary infection, yes, you should make a habit of it!

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5. Is it normal that I make vagina farts?

Sometimes you are enjoying yourself with your partner, maybe trying a new sex pose and you hear a fart sound coming from... well, down there. And you stare into your partner’s eyes and start freaking out about what are you supposed to say or what they are thinking.

Perhaps you even start apologizing and put a stop to what you have been doing so far. When in fact, all of those vagina farts are totally normal and there is no reason you should feel embarrassed. Vagina farts are just some air being trapped in your vagina which causes these strange sounds to occur whenever you change the position of your body.

Have you experienced a vagina fart? Laugh about it and continue what you have been doing so far — there is no need for embarrassment here, if you ask us!

6. Is it weird that I like anal sex more than vaginal sex?

Thanks to a little book called Kama Sutra, there are a lot (and we do mean A LOT) of sexy poses you can experiment with until you find the one or the many that are working best for you and your partner.

And maybe it turns out that anal sex gives you a greater pleasure compared with the other poses, most of which include vaginal sex. So what? There is nothing wrong or abnormal about it — it is your body and it deserves all the love and satisfaction that you can give it — even if that means you want to enjoy more anal than vaginal sex!

Women tend to not discuss their sexuality even with their doctors and even when they have questions that require answers.

Sexuality is not something that we should never speak of and any questions regarding it deserve an honest and proper answer. 

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