6 Secrets To Losing Baby Weight Like A Celebrity

6 Secrets To Losing Baby Weight Like A Celebrity

Celebrities are amazing at setting trends, creating amazing projects and inspiring fans all across the globe. When it comes to celebrity moms, however, one trait is always at the forefront of the media: losing baby weight following a pregnancy. While some celebrities insist on having surgery or undergoing dangerous procedures in order to return to their pre-baby body size, recent health kicks have pushed that losing baby weight can be achieved through simple dieting and exercise.

While no one may look as amazing as Kim Kardashian after baby North, with natural weight loss methods any woman can return to her pre-pregnancy body condition or even drop below her original weight. Taking the healthy and natural approach to losing pregnancy fat, many celebrities recommend a few weight loss tips to accomplish any weight-oriented goal.

  1. Get a Personal Trainer. While it may sound somewhat superficial, having a personal trainer has been proven to help many women all across the world lose their excess baby weight. Even the Pop Queen herself, Beyoncé, accredited her jaw-dropping, Grammy-ready body to her personal trainer. PT's provide two things for one small cost: personalized workouts and constant motivation. All personal trainers design specific routines for every customer to help her reach her goal. Not every exercise is appropriate for every woman, so having an expert's opinion is important for any routine. Also, meeting with a physical trainer on whatever schedule you establish has been proven to help motivate weight-loss. Take a note from People Magazine and get a personal trainer.
  2. Exercise During Pregnancy. Weight gain is an unavoidable aspect of pregnancy and, while some mass increase is important and healthy for childbearing, excess weight gain can be controlled by exercising during pregnancy. Madonna made it quite clear that pregnancy would not slow her down, as she was photographed working out at her local gym several times while pregnant. The first trimester is the easiest to exercise in as the baby's body is not large enough to halt many common workouts; however, as the pregnancy progresses, exercise should slow but not halt. This during-pregnancy exercise has also been known to reduce back pain and shorten recovery time following labor, WebMD reports.
  3. Keep on the Go At Home. Remaining busy while pregnant has been shown to reduce the "lazy stage" after delivery. Post-pregnancy moms have been known to undergo a period of time after labor where they report feeling "drained" or "lacking in motivation." This stage is natural and is the body's way of recovering from having a child; however, it doesn't help in losing baby weight! Keeping on the go during your pregnancy (doing laundry, walking, moving around the house) often limits the amount of time spent in the lazy stage, allowing moms to jump back into a best exercise routine much easier. Keeping on the go after delivery will also help with returning back to a state of normalcy with one's everyday life as far as daily chores or activities.
  4. Vary Your Workout. For anyone seeking to lose weight, a variance in workout regimes is highly important. The body naturally adapts to repetitive routines. Therefore, changing one's exercises offers better results than simply repeating the same workouts over and over again. However, some basis should be established, Medline Plus recommends. If one's focus is cardio, then alternate between different cardio workouts. If one's focus is muscular, then vary your exercises related to muscles. Alternating between different subsets—cardio, endurance, muscle mass—won't deliver very clear results.
  5. Stick to a Regime. If there's one thing celebrities know best, it's that maintaining consistency is important. This extends far beyond music and publicity! If one expects any results, a regime should be established. Scheduling days to work out and setting precedents with factions of exercise are a must. Simply acknowledging that every Tuesday and Thursday you'll focus on cardio, endurance, and then cardio again is a regime! Sticking to a workout regime proves positive when it comes to post pregnancy weight loss. Always consult a physician before beginning an exercise regime to ensure that the physical exertion will not be too extreme for a post-pregnancy woman.
  6. Cut Back the Calories. This tip is a no brainer for anyone who has dealt with weight loss. Limiting calorie intake following pregnancy will cause the body's metabolism to speed up, burning more weight than is consumed. Jessica Simpson attributed her slim and sexy body after delivering her second child to Weight Watcher's, a resource that limits the amount of calories eaten by customers. However, joining a program isn't for everyone. The same can be accomplished by calculating the appropriate amount of calories someone for your weight should eat in order to lose weight naturally and then eating within that limit.

Final Words
While we won't ever accomplish the airbrushed perfection of some post-pregnancy celebrities, by following these famous tips we can get pretty close to our target body size. Losing baby weight begins during the first few weeks of pregnancy and follows through up until you have reached the weight you are content with. Soon enough, the paparazzi will be following you around wanting to know how you lost your pregnancy weight so quickly!