Reducing Stretch Marks After Weight Loss

Reducing Stretch Marks After Weight Loss

Men and women can experience stretch marks, especially after losing a substantial amount of body weight. Stretch marks cause individuals to feel uncomfortable exposing their skin, due to embarrassment and how other people might react to them. There are numerous products and methods that claim to remove them, but even such treatments only make them seem lighter and never make them go away altogether. After considerable weight loss, the appearance of stretch marks is common.

The occurrence of stretch marks is associated with excessive weight loss due to hyper-extending, over exercising or extreme working out. It is often common for bodybuilders, athletes and women having been pregnant to full term. All stretch marks are affected by the contributing factors of instability or imbalanced hormones. Similar to what an athletic steroid user, street drug user or a pregnant mother exhibits.

There are several treatment methods that can reduce stretch marks after weight loss. This article will attempt to explain them briefly.

What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are scar tissues that occur on the lower back, sides, thighs, abdomen and sometimes the genital regions. Such scars can also develop from wherever an excessive growth or stretching of skin has happened. Most stretch marks are pink, but they sometimes look like light bruises or wrinkles across the skin. They can be treated. There is no reason for getting stressed out after losing weight.

Losing Stretch Marks after Losing Weight

The process of reducing stretch marks should begin by changing to a healthy, low fat diet. Along with this, be sure to start having the individuals drink lots of clean water, anywhere from 8 to 10 full glasses. With that many eight ounce tumblers of water being consumed, this should prevent the individual from going into a state of dehydration. Keeping up with this, an individual maybe able to try other methods with success.

Using Retin A

Retinoic acid cream or Retin A was once a popular choice for stretch mark reduction, but a research study from the University of Michigan thinks otherwise. This more recent research warns everyone to be careful using retinoic acid creams while nursing or during pregnancy. There are unknown potential side effects that a woman with child, as a surrogate or any expectant mother would feel weird about. This method should be put off the subject listing and is currently unacceptable treatment for stretch marks.

Using Essential Oils

Another treatment method uses essential oils, such as rose and lavender. But their actual reduction of scar tissues is unproven. There is more evidence that their use may be stimulating to others. This makes people less likely to pay attention to your stretch marks, but only as long as the scent still lingers. Essential oils are a good basic treatment to promote healing and healthy lifestyle, but their usage is simply enhancement and not a proper cure for stretch marks.

Using Laser Treatments

As a last resort for reduction of stretch marks, there is the laser surgical treatment method. Now a well-known treatment for stretch mark reduction, this kind of removal is expensive and must be done in a series of stages with a dermatological specialist. Despite the high costs, the results of laser treatments on stretch marks is effective while being equally impressive.

Using Natural Moisturizers

In reality, the best method of treating stretch marks requires very little effort or anything special for a daily treatment. Get yourself some all natural moisturizers. Spend some quality time and elbow grease making regular rubbing of moisturizing creams over the next few days. Accompany this with attention to eating a healthy diet, at least until your stretch marks have reduced their size, depth, color and rough edges.

Your Stretch Marks Will Never Disappear Completely

Just accepting this fact is an important step. Stretch marks are not something to be embarrassed about. In fact, they represent something that happened in your life. This caused you to go through a major shift in consciousness, but impacted your life mentally, psychologically and physically.

As time passes, those scars will begin to fade and only be seen by their owner. Living only in the private memories and events that they once represented. But your stretch marks will never completely disappear. No matter what changes come around, so wear your scars proudly.