Why May Day Is The Perfect Time To Spice Up Your Love Life, According To Your Moon Sign In Astrology

May Day is a great excuse to kick your love life up a notch.

What Is May Day? How All Moon Signs & Zodiacs Can Celebrate Love & Sexuality Based On Their Birth Chart & Astrology Unsplash 

What is May Day and why is it a great excuse to spice up your love life and sexuality? Plus, what does it have to do with your moon sign and birth chart in astrology?

Did you ever dance around a Maypole or create a flower-filled May basket then leave it on someone’s doorstep as their secret admirer?

Or maybe you participated in crowning the May Queen and King? 

Probably not. And it’s too bad since all of these traditions really do capture the original meaning of May Day: love, lust, flowers, and frolicking in the meadows.


Don’t we need more of all that today?!

What is May Day, exactly? And how do you celebrate May Day and spice up your love life along the way, according to your Moon sign in astrology? 

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Since ancient times, some version of May Day has been celebrated in cultures all over the world. 

Known as Floralia in ancient Rome, Walpurgisnacht by the Teutons, Beltane by the Celts, and as Lei Day in Hawaii, it embodies the bawdy, exuberant, exhilarating energy of spring fever.

In early Celtic folklore, it was considered the time when the "Sun Child" born at the winter solstice has reached puberty and hooks up with the Goddess in her maiden form.

He becomes her consort, known as the "Green Man" or the horned god (later defiled as the devil by Christianity).

The fertility of their "Sacred Marriage" was symbolized pretty graphically when the May Pole, the ultimate phallic symbol, was placed into a hole in Mother Earth, into her womb.


Young men and women wove their ribbons around it in their magical back-and-forth dance, bringing them closer and closer together until they were all snuggled up against the pole.

Then they just ran off into the woods and fields and coupled freely, fertilizing the Earth and each other!

That’s pretty potent seasonal magic from May Day history, isn’t it?

So, how can we best harness that energy to bring about powerful, positive change in our own love lives this Spring, on the first of May?

Your Moon sign in astrology is like your emotional barometer.

There are certainly lots of ways to capture that sexy, sensual vibe of May Day to enhance your life, and one fun place to start is to look at your own natal chart. 


Your birth chart holds all kinds of helpful information beyond zodiac signs and which one your Sun is in.

And one of the most relevant keynotes in terms of understanding love and relationships is your Moon sign.

In astrology, the Moon represents your emotions, your instincts and intuition, and your need for safety and security.

It symbolizes the feminine principle in general, where you can practice being receptive vs. in constant motion.

Depending on the astrological signs your Moon falls in, it can also tell you something about your relationship to your mother, what your early home environment was like, and how you create a sense of “home” and safety in your adult life.  


So how do you tap into that lunar wisdom to create some fun May Day magic for yourself?

Here are some ideas to play with, according to your Moon sign:

1. Moon in Aries

If you have an Aries Moon (and the rest of your natal chart supports it), you’re pretty independent emotionally and can assert your "me first" tendencies in a relationship.

Those may not seem like the best qualities to embrace the sensual energy of May Day, but as long as your partner keeps you engaged, your natural, fire-y, adventurous impulses might just lead you to some spontaneous outdoor love making. 

2. Moon in Taurus

With a Taurus Moon, your first instinct is for comfort and pleasure, so a night out with music, dancing, or art really satisfies your physical appetites.


Or just snuggling up in bed with lots of touching and massage would do it for you, too.

Create one of those May baskets for yourself — preferably from your own garden — or place some strategic hints with your partner, if they haven’t figured out already that you’re a sucker for flowers.

3. Moon in Gemini

At the core of your Gemini Moon heart is a passion to take in new information from every direction and then to communicate what you’ve learned to whoever will listen. That means that you may not be so terrific at talking about your emotions, however.

So you might want to channel some of that lusty May Day energy to have an inner dialogue with your feelings, or maybe write a little love poetry.


4. Moon in Cancer

This is the Moon’s happy place since it naturally rules Cancer.

You’re super intuitive and nurturing so you easily pick on other’s feelings and love to take care of them.

On this May Day, you’ll be happiest at home, surrounded by family, but be sure to carve out time for some gentle self-care, or if you’re in a relationship, for some sensual love-making… definitely more your style than a crazy romp!

5. Moon in Leo

Leo Moon types are natural romantics and love to have fun, so maybe you can actually find May Day festivities somewhere nearby and do your own maypole dance!

Like the other fire-y Moon signs (Aries and Sagittarius), you have an open, independent nature and still need to be applauded and acknowledged.


So an evening of karaoke or an open mic at a comedy club could be your thing, too.

6. Moon in Virgo

With a Virgo Moon, you’re likely to work really hard and to be super-attentive to detail.

You’re also very health conscious so why not pull all of those qualities together and create a sumptuous, nutritious feast for yourself and your partner, or maybe a whole dinner party.

You can create your own May baskets together, too, as a takeaway.

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7. Moon in Libra

Libra is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, so this Moon placement is a perfect one for celebrating your relationship.


Maybe crown yourselves as May Queen and/or King and enjoy an evening of music, poetry or the arts, other Libran favorites.

Your emotional well-being often depends on the approval of others so be sure to spend your May Day with people who adore you just for who you are.

8. Moon in Scorpio

"Still waters run deep" is a classic description of Scorpio Moon folks.

You may not always be able to express what’s in your heart, but you still feel intensely.

Given your tendency to be jealous and possessive, it’s probably best if you plan your own private May Day celebration where you can receive the undivided attention of your lover and engage in some deep, passionate lovemaking.


9. Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the natural optimist of the zodiac and when your Moon is placed there, you have a need to do everything with everyone!

Your open, breezy attitude masks a deep love of philosophy and spirituality, so you may actually feel drawn to seek out an organized May Day ritual that explores the deeper meanings of this ancient Earth holy-day.

Or if that doesn’t exist, do some research and create one yourself!


10. Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn Moon types are often known for their emotional reserve (sometimes even melancholy), which at first glance, may not seem like a good match for the boisterousness of a May Day celebration.

As an Earth sign, however, you’re typically drawn to nature so maybe the most loving way to tap into that energy is to retreat into the woods by yourself or with your partner and practice some gratitude prayers.

11. Moon in Aquarius

With an Aquarius Moon, you’re always looking for the next cause or project to serve your community or humanity, in general.


And since you can also be a little eccentric and unconventional, you may want to skip all the traditional May Day hoopla completely and volunteer at a local soup kitchen.

Since May 1 is also known as International Workers’ Day, see if you can find a parade or rally in support of workers’ rights.

12. Moon in Pisces

This is probably the most psychic placement of the Moon in the whole zodiac.

You’re super sensitive to the moods and emotions of everyone around you, though you can tend to look at the world through rose-colored glasses.

So the joy and frivolity of May Day festivities could be your perfect happy place…just be sure to go with someone who will keep you grounded or maybe just create your own maypole in the back yard!


Whether you’ve never heard of the traditional May Day celebration or you’ve had an inkling what it’s about, you’ve now got some fun ideas for how to best embrace this joyful Spring energy to spice up your love life.

Just keep in mind that your Moon sign describes only one aspect of your personality, so be sure to follow your heart and play with whatever sounds right for you, whether it’s “officially” suggested for your Moon sign or one of the others.

Lunar wisdom is nothing but flexible! Have a Happy May Day!

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Deborah Roth, M.A.., is a Life and Relationship Coach and Counseling Astrologer and Interfaith Minister. She leads women’s New Moon Circles and Full Moon TeleMeditations every month and loves designing creative, meaningful rituals for individuals and couples to re-energize mind, body and spirit, and enhance their relationships. You can visit Spirited Living or email her to schedule an introductory coaching session.