Why Your Friends Are Your Dating Enemy (But They Mean Well)

They over-analyze EVERYTHING.


I have to reveal something to you today that may disturb you, and it might challenge your beliefs about life.

It’s important for you to understand this, so that you can have a better chance at finding happiness and love in your life. I want you to realize what your biggest challenge is in your search for love, and the biggest hurdle you need to overcome.

Your obstacle isn’t the men who play on women and then disappear without trace. Your obstacle isn’t the fact you’re over 50 years old and a little heavier than you used to be. Your obstacle isn’t even that you’re a single Mom of 3 kids.


Nope. Your biggest obstacle in your dating life is actually ... your friends!

Your obstacle is the close-knit circle of women you hang out with. That’s right, the women who love and adore you, the same women you connect with on a regular basis.

Your friends are your biggest dating enemy. Think about THIS for a moment. Think about the conversations you have with your friends, BEFORE they even meet that new guy you’re starting to date.

Isn’t there always at least one of them who throws some seeds of doubt in there?

It could be something as simple as, “You met him WHERE? He said THAT to you? Wow, that reminds me of your ex-boyfriend. Do you really want to date someone like that again?”

A guy tells his buddy about a new girl he’s met, he wants advice on what to text her.


“Hmmm.” Says the friend. “Let’s figure this out.” The two of them sit down and figure out the best text to send. Then the friend asks, “Is she girlfriend material? Maybe you just met your future wife or something!”

With guys it’s all supportive. Not, “He looks a bit of a player. If he doesn’t text you back in an hour ditch him. He looks like my ex Peter. I wouldn’t go near him.”

No over-analyzing conversations. No reading into the awkward moment that happened at the end of the date. None of that stuff women do all the time. Your friends love to dissect everything.

It's the way you are. It's the way you're wired. You're like CSI investigators, you have to dissect every little move. That's why you make great lawyers, and great forensic scientists.


The trouble is when it comes to ‘boy meets girl’, your friends start dissecting everything, and suddenly there’s a wrench, a wrinkle, a doubt. And now you’re not sure how you feel about him. The guy you should be dating, gets thrown on the back burner, and you start looking for other guys who your friends “give you permission” to see.

Stop it. Your friends tend to read things into your relationships that don’t exist. Stop analyzing, second-guessing, and predicting what he’s going to do. Give men the benefit of the doubt and enjoy the moment. If you leave it to your friends, no man is going to have a chance with you.