The One Type Of Woman Men Only Put Up With If They Want To Have Sex

Can you please back off and leave my balls in tact?

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There's a certain type of woman that just drives me nuts; in fact she drives just about every single man crazy. The problem is men are equally as crazy. Because if we think you're hot, and want to have sex with you, we'll put up with this. 

Even though we can't stand this behavior, we’ll put up with it because we want you. 

I don't know what to call this type of woman. I don't know if I can call her Miss Know-It-All, Miss Contradiction, Miss Always-Right, or Miss Reprimands.


She’s always all the same. She's that person who, when you talk to her, lectures you. There's a tone in her voice when she talks.

She always talks to you as if you're a kid. 

I've only met a few women like this in my life but I know a lot of friends that have dated this type of woman too. So you're out there. And if you're reading this, please listen up. No man likes to be lectured, or reprimanded, or belittled. It kills his sexual energy instantly. It makes him feel less than. If you want a man to treat you like a goddess, you can’t scold him like he’s a child.

We speak different languages. And when it comes to "Miss Ballbuster" and her reprimands, too much is lost in translation.


Whenever you have a conversation with her, she barely listens.

She'll listen long enough until she heads back into lecture mode because it's always about her. She’ll tell you how she feels, all the time, focusing entirely on that, because that's all she’s interested in. She won't validate the way you feel. She'll turn it back on herself right away and find a way to make you feel wrong.

When you confront her, she'll tell you that you're being “passive aggressive” or “you're not really listening" or "you're just overreacting.” 

She'll scold you once again. She’s a tough cookie ... and there’s nothing hot about that. These women always feel the need to be right. They always feel the need to take a man's balls and chop them off. 


The beauty in life is to be wrong sometimes. To be told you are wrong, and to actually hear it.

The Miss-Know-It-All's that I've become involved with romantically — I'm no longer with.

You never feel safe or comfortable with them, you never feel like you're being heard, and that's not love.


If you know of somebody like this, pass this along on to them. And if you’re like this, I'm sure you would like to argue with me right now and tell me how wrong I am. Maybe you’ll listen and maybe you’ll re-read this article. Maybe you will learn something, because it is never too late to change, embrace, and grow. That's what life is all about.