Why You Should Say Goodbye To Your Morning Cup Of Joe


I have never woken up in the morning and had a cup of coffee. Never! The last time I had a cup of coffee, I had to go to an event. I never drank coffee, but I went to this event, and I walked into my favorite restaurant on the way.

I was talking to the guy behind the register. He told me there was this great cup of organic dark brewed coffee that he poured for somebody else, but they didn't want it. He told me I should try it. It's one of the "most popular new coffee drinks." You know what happened?

I had that cup of coffee, and I turned into a violent, raging, happiness-absent maniac. I loved the buzz don't get me wrong. That buzz, that initial high, oh it felt so good. That clarity. The energy. I felt like I could leap tall buildings in a single bound like Superman. I felt like I was faster than a speeding bullet.

I felt invincible until about an hour and a half later, when I got to the seminar. I was going to listen to somebody else lecture at the seminar so I didn't have to do anything. 

People started asking questions, but these questions started irritating me. Was I irritated at questions, or was I irritated because I was coming down off my Superman high?

Over the next hour, I started crashing even worse. I realized why some people have two to three cups just to get their day going because the second you crash, you feel worse than you did before.

I felt so irritable and so lousy; I didn't even know what to do. I literally had to leave the seminar, and I realized, coffee is like a morning cup of violence. It's a shock to the system.

The second you wake up, you put this caffeine into your body, and immediately, you supercharge yourself so you can get things done.

I always get stuff done. I don't need a morning cup of violence to get anything done, because when I wake up in the morning, I'm already excited. It may take me 10 to 15 minutes to get excited, but once I'm up, I'm up.

I'm ready. My brain is there. I'm not in a fog. I'm clear. I've had great thoughts going through my mind. I'm living. It's another day of being alive in this beautiful world. I'm happy to be a part of it, and I want to participate and have clarity. It's funny because so many people start the day with their morning "cup of violence," and end the day with their late afternoon shotgun...alcohol!

Suddenly, people have a drink to end the day to calm down. I'm not really a drinker. I can go years without even having a sip of alcohol. But I know why people now use alcohol to come down at the end of the day.

Because they've been violent all day long from that cup of coffee, so they need something to passively calm down, passively feel better. Come home, have two glasses of wine, and you're painfully numb from start to finish. I don't drink, and I don't drink for a reason.

I like to be present. I like to be conscious. I don't like to numb myself. I don't need anything to loosen myself up. I prefer to loosen myself up naturally. I don't need emotional lubrication to meet people. Alcohol makes your mind wander. You lose a sense of presence when you drink.

You're not really conscious. You're not really connecting with somebody else. What I'd like to do is give you all an opportunity to live a life of pure consciousness.

Try to give up coffee for 30 days and 30 nights. Try to avoid the alcohol and the wine for 30 days and 30 nights.

See how much more productive you actually become. How much clearer you are in your thoughts. We're a substance culture. I prefer to live my life clear, conscious, and alert. 

I'll never forget the cup of coffee I had that day. I'll never forget that buzz, and now I understand why people do it. But even after that coffee buzz, I still chose to live as a very conscious, sober being.

Try it!