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Guy POV: 10 Totally Honest Tips You NEED For A Better Dating Profile

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When I read women’s profiles on dating sites, I think to myself, Holy crap, do these women not have any male friends who can help them write this? It’s amazing — most women write dating profiles in a way that'll INSTANTLY turn men off and send them running in the other direction!

Ladies, here are 10 things you need to know about writing your online dating profile (from a guy's perspective):

1. Your Online Dating Profile Is An Ad For You

That’s all it is. Your profile is an advertisement for YOU. All you need to do is to grab a guy’s attention and make him want to find out more about you. You’re not trying to make him fall in love with you on your profile. Just concentrate on getting our attention and giving us some of your “benefits”.

2. Lower Your Expectations

I actually read an online dating profile a week ago where the woman said her ideal first date would be on a yacht.

Reading that as a potential date, I think this woman is super high maintenance. How many guys are going to rent a yacht for a woman they're meeting for the first time? What if there’s no chemistry? Now I have to sit on a yacht with you for two hours feeling bored and miserable. No, thanks!

3. Stop Saying “Good Sense Of Humor”

Everyone wants to meet the funny guy. The problem is there aren’t enough Jim Carrey’s running around for you all. Most guys aren’t that funny even when they try, and they know it. They’ve heard it all their lives from their friends. When they see you want to meet the funny guy, they instantly rule themselves out and don’t contact you.

Maybe he was an amazing guy who could have made you laugh, but now he won’t contact you because of the pressure you've already put on him.

4.  Stop "Looking For Friendship First"

Great! Every guy who has a dating profile is there because he ends up in the friend zone with every woman he meets. He's on a dating site because he wants to meet women looking for love. Yet, here’s another women looking for “friendship”.

5. Cut The Artistic Photos

I don’t understand why you have photos where you’re upside down. Literally, some women have photo’s where they’re upside down on a bed or at a weird angle with their faces downward. 

You know what that makes guys think? It makes us think you’re not attractive and you’re trying to fool us with trick photography.

6. You NEED A Full Body Picture

If you’re not willing to put a full body picture up, but claim you’re curvy, athletic or fit, guys aren't going to believe you. It’s amazing how in a country where so many people are overweight, in our dating profiles we’re all athletic and in great shape!

Put a full photo of yourself and make sure the date is on there, so we know it’s what you look like now (and not five years ago before you gave birth to triplets).

7. Keep It Simple

Men don’t want to read a book. We don’t want to know your whole life story right off the bat. We want to know you’re a cool girl to contact and that we actually have a chance of receiving a response from you.

8. If You Look At Us More Than Once, Say Hello

We can see who viewed our profile and when. If you’ve looked at our profile more than a couple times, why aren’t you sending us a message? Something intrigues you about us. What do you have to lose? If you’re attracted to us, or at least want to know more, send us an introduction!

9. Ask For A Date

Most guys are shy online. Don’t wait for him to ask for a date. If you’ve messaged each other a few times and there’s some chemistry, ask him out. Men look for signs you’re interested, but most the time they have no idea what to look for.

You could be giving him all the signs under the sun, and he still won’t get it. Be direct. If you want to meet up, tell him. Don’t wait for weeks because that’s when you lose momentum, and we lose interest.

10. Don’t Tell Us Off

I get that men have hurt you in the past, but it really wasn’t my fault. Reading a profile that says, “If all you want is my body, if you’re going to put work and friends before me, and if you’re not going to give me the respect I deserve, then don’t even bother sending me a message,” honestly does NOTHING to attract me.

It makes you sound like an angry ballbuster, and it shows you haven’t worked through your relationship issues. We’re not all cheating cave men. We want to love you, so be nice, get to know us and give us a chance to prove it!