5 Proven Reasons Happy Children CRAVE Focused Family Time

family time

Families who spend Focused Family Time give children the gift of healthy relationships and intimacy.

Happy relationships make life joyful. Bad or abusive relationships cause heartache.

Use the power of family now to help your child learn how to pick and keep great relationships for a lifetime!

Families are the cornerstone of society. The family introduces children to love, life, language and community.

Focused Family Time is a powerful parenting technique that offers families a chance to help children develop great relationship skills. Explore five reasons why really happy children absolutely CRAVE Focused Family Time!

1. Children are like sponges.

They soak up everything they see their parents see and do. Focused Family Time allows parents to provide rich social interactions that introduce children to a culture of respect, integrity and positive relationships!

2. Research shows that infants detect social conflict from the early age of 9 months.

It's important that parents begin to establish excellent co-parenting skills early on so babies grow up in a health family environment. This exposes children to healthy family life right from the start.

3. Focused Family Time gives parents the chance to gently guide children's interactions and influence positive relationships.

As parents develop their role as family leaders, the Focused Family Time becomes a virtual social switchboard that helps parents to evaluate, direct and promote the healthy social development of the entire family.

4. Establishing and maintaining positive family relationships is an art form.

When friends and classmates taunt, bully and betray children, parents feel the pain too. Focused Family Time allows parents to discuss relationship challenges with their children.

This helps children gain deeper insight that will lead to improved relationship skills later on in life!

5. Focused Family Time is a priceless gift where parents are role models for high quality social and family interaction.

Parents who create Focused Family Time expose their children to high quality and ethical child rearing practices that stimulate children's social and emotional development and positive relationships.

Focused Family Time is a natural antidote to child behavior problems, sibling rivalry, and challenges of both blended families and non-traditional families. This rich and effective parenting strategy is powerful enough to resolve family conflicts, ease family challenges and transform family systems. 

Schedule Focused Family Time during family dinner, long walks in the country or family chore time.

Families are powerful systems that stimulate healthy learning, growth and development of social skills and positive relationships!

Darleen Claire is a Personal Development Coach and Parenting Expert with specialization in Parent and Teacher Education, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and Exceptional Student Education. She writes, lectures, and trains on effective relationships, healthy families, and great ways to solve behavior problems of children.