The Great Pro's And Scary Con's Of The YouTube App For Kids

YouTube is soon to release a new kids app that is safer for younger viewers amid mixed reactions.

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YouTube has changed the way humans communicate. Just a few clicks on the keyboard upload and share videos with the world, and everyone with a computer is invited. YouTube just announced the upcoming release of a children's YouTube app, according to BBC News. Responses to a Kids' YouTube app are being met with mixed reviews and here is why.

  • YouTube has always been a dangerous place for children. As a teacher, I recall showing my students a Sesame Street video...only to have an inappropriate ad display when the video ended. Children surfing the web through YouTube are at risk of exposure to all sorts of horrific things from porn to executions.
  • On the plus side, a children's app for YouTube promises to protect the innocence and integrity of youngsters as they surf the net. Parents could rest easy that children would not be able to bypass parental filters and access the dark underworld of the Internet.
  • Meanwhile, a child-safe YouTube app would allow educators to promote wonderful enrichment materials. Educational videos play a big part in the YouTube experience and children would have freedom to search for help with Algebra and American Government.
  • On the down side, technology is addicting. Scientists discovered that addiction to technology even affects students. Giving children their own YouTube app may hook youngsters even before they leave home, setting them up for failure in college and life.
  • Another drawback of a children's YouTube app is that students may become fixated on watching videos. This could steal time from more important things like homework, exercise, and chores. Some children may even stay up late staring at their screen rather than getting sleep on a school night.

The debate over whether a child-safe YouTube app is a blessing or a disaster will continue. Parents, teachers, and researchers will have to add their two cents on the subject once the app is up and running. In the meantime, parents should continue to exercise caution.


Parents must continue to set healthy limits on children's internet use. Technology addiction is real so limit the time your child is allowed to use technology each day. During homework and study time only learning-focused technology should be allowed. All technology must be turned off 20 minute before bedtime, and parental control for social media remains a focus even with children's apps.

When in doubt, check with your child's teacher, pediatrician, or school counselor. These professionals are in the business of knowing what is safe for children and can help guide you in setting healthy technology rules for your family.


Darleen Claire is a Professional Development Coach with specializations in Exceptional Student Education, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and Brain-Base Interventions. Follow her to stay up on what's new and best for raising your child!

NOTE: Google likes "Parental Control for Socail media." How did that happen?