6 Wonderful Benefits For You (And Baby) From Infant Massage

Infant massage is a powerful healing practice with incredible benefits to both parent and child. Infants and newborns respond to the power of touch in a variety of ways. The Huffington Post reported on multiple benefits of infant massage. 

Tender, gentle, but firm infant massage provides almost magical benefits to both parent and child. Infant massage promotes attachment and so much more.

Explore 6 reasons to practice infant massage with each of your children:

  1. Nurtures the parent-child relationship. Infant and parent pairs develop greater sensitivity and responsiveness to one another. Parents who massage their infants tend to feel confident about calming and nurturing their babies.
  2. Boosts the immune system and supports blood sugar metabolism. Healing touch of parents has a mysterious and powerful impact on infant digestion as well.
  3. Bone growth. Pre-term infants experience an increase in bone density and growth in response to massage.
  4. Relief from PPD. Mothers suffering from postpartum depression experience some improvement in depressive symptoms as a result of giving infant massage to their babies.
  5. Regulation. Extended infant massage may regulate maternal mood and help reduce frustration of the new mother.
  6. Weight management. The use of healing oils for infant massage increases growth and weight of pre-term infants.

Infant massage is a precious and endearing way to improve the parent-child bond and improve growth and development of newborns. Little ones learn to relax and enjoy gentle, firm strokes that help increase circulation and stimulate flexibility and strength.

Healing touch is a wonderful practice for all parents. Attachment parenting is particularly in alignment with this natural and nurturing practice that promotes brain development through human contact.

Explore natural food-grade oils like olive and safflower oil to nourish baby, while increasing the glide of your hand over baby's tender skin. Parents and children learn to cherish baby massage time.

Incorporate baby-safe aromatherapy to add beautiful aromatic sensory stimulation to the experience. Play soothing music to turn the massage into the ultimate nurturing experience for baby.

Newborn and infant massage is a magical way to stimulate a deep and heartwarming connection with your child. Schedule regular massage sessions before nap or bed time in order to promote relaxation and peaceful sleep.

Darleen Claire is a Parenting Expert with specializations in Education, Clinical Mental Health, and Childhood Development. She also holds a license as a Massage and Neuromuscular Therapist and has used infant and child massage to promote health and development of young children. Want to learn more about childhood development and Attachment Parenting? Visit Darleen Claire's site for more! Still want more? Visit affiliate site