Parents, Beware! 5 Awful Myths About Circumcision Debunked

Find out the harmful effects of circumcision in newborns and young children.


Circumcision is the practice of genital mutilation of infants typically without benefit of anesthesia. Unknowing people blindly authorize this practice upon the parenting advice of physicians.

Scientific research fails to prove the benefit of circumcision. The group Doctors Opposing Circumcision shares critical information that parents need to know.

Learn how 5 circumcision myths are debunked by real science:


Myth #1: Circumcision is safe and does not hurt babies. Circumcision causes a wide range of short and long term side effects. Some problems with circumcision are not realized until males become adults. Some side effects are psychological harm, infection, and interference with sexual satisfaction.

Myth #2: Circumcision is practiced around the world. Many nations, including England, Canada, and Germany, recommend against infant circumcision. Circumcision is such a questionable practice that some countries categorize it is a human rights violation.

Myth #3: Circumcision protects against spread of HIV. England does not practice routine circumcision, yet the HIV rate in the UK is much lower than the HIV rate in the United States, where male circumcision rates are high. Circumcision is not clearly connected to lower rates of HIV infection.


Myth #4: Circumcision protects against penile cancer. The rate of penile cancer in the US is less than 1%. Meanwhile, the rate of problems with circumcision is much higher, with some experts saying as many as 30% of circumcisions result in problems to the infant either during childhood or later on during adulthood.

Myth #5: The uncircumcised infant or newborn will have infections. Nature has a perfect system for protecting male genitalia of infants and newborns. The foreskin is essentially glued to the penis; only the end is exposed to allow urination. Nature protects the penis of infants until children are old enough to clean their own bodies. Cleaning an uncircumcised male infant is simple and takes only a few extra seconds.

Many industrialized nations recommend against unnecessary circumcision. Doctors Opposing Circumcision is adamant that the science does not support the practice. The Attachment Parenting movement may provide support in sharing circumcision truths. Parents must embrace this humane philosophy to maintain intact genitals—for both female and male infants. Tiny babies are precious. Keep them intact. Keep them safe.

Darleen Claire is a Parenting Expert with a background in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Education, and Brain-Based Strategies for Learning and Development. Read more about this topic at