40 Reasons To Love Your Body Just The Way It Is

... featuring advice from our Experts Joy Bufalini, Jana Beeman, Kay Hutchinson & Helen MacMillan!

40 Reasons To Love Your Body Just The Way It Is [EXPERT]

Welcome to YourTango Experts 7-day intensive event, Love Your Body: Day 7! Today is all about discovering the benefits of loving the way you look without changing a thing. Let's get started!

You could drive yourself crazy following fad diets, trying to sculpt six-pack abs or shooting to shed those final five pounds. Instead, why not learn to love your body just the way it is? After all, you may never achieve Jennifer Aniston's lean limbs or Halle Berry's perfect curves, but you're stuck with the body you have, so why not rock it? Below are some of the reasons we think you should embrace your body, cellulite and all.


1. You'll attract more positive people and situations into your life. Your energy flow changes when you love and accept your physical form just as it is. That wonderful sense of self acceptance will naturally attract abundantly supportive people and situations into your life. —Kay Hutchinson

2. Your sensuality and sexuality will soar. Our essential energy is a sexual energy. When you feel good about loving your body just as it is, it creates a surge of oxytocin, dopamine, natural aphrodisiacs that nourish and increase your sense of sexuality and sensuality, which helps you become a more enthusiastic lover. —Kay Hutchinson


3. Your health will improve. When you accept and love your body, you tend to want to nourish it more with healthier foods, proper rest, and exercise. Thus, the celebration of your body becomes a celebration of healthy living and life. —Kay Hutchinson

4. You'll be able to fend of depression more effectively. Often times, depression occurs when we constantly feed ourselves negative thoughts. When we accept and love our bodies, we tend to have positive flow of thoughts that affirm how beautiful and wonderful we are. Try looking in the mirror and saying, "I love my beautiful, round curves," or, "I feel strong and healthy in my body." —Kay Hutchinson

5. You'll increase your sexual charisma. When you are comfortable with your body, this attracts the opposite sex like a magnet. One male client described being with a woman who was on the plus side but carried herself with such joy and delight of her form, that he found her more sexy than woman with a super model level of fitness but who lacked confidence. So, be confident and put your sassy on no matter your size or shape to instantly increase your sex appeal. —Kay Hutchinson

6. You will free yourself of perfectionist thinking patterns. When you silence self critical thoughts about your body, you will feel an immediate shift from a more anxious, dissatisfied state that comes when you expect perfection from yourself, to one of of calm acceptance. This wave of acceptance will flow over to other areas of your life to reduce stress and build confidence. —Kay Hutchinson


7. You will feel more creative to express yourself. So many people lock themselves into boxes based on body image and imagine that their size or shape limits them from wearing certain type of clothing or engaging in certain movements. When you accept yourself, you will find yourself naturally experimenting with ways to creatively express yourself through the clothing that you wear, and feeling more comfortable to use body language and the way you move your body through space to communicate your power. —Kay Hutchinson

8. You will feel more grounded spiritually. Our bodies are the home for our spirits. So, when we accept our beautiful homes, we naturally will feel more centered spiritually. Each person's home has its own unique qualities, and the more we can accept that uniqueness and celebrate it, the more our spirits feel rooted and strong. —Kay Hutchinson

9. You will be empowered to a higher awareness of the mind/body connection. When you accept your body, it allows you to be more highly attuned to the relationship between your physical and emotional selves. Thus, you'll be able to notice when your physical states may be impacting your emotional moods or ability to focus mentally, and act accordingly. —Kay Hutchinson

10. You will have higher levels of energy. When we feel wonderful about our bodies, we naturally hold ourselves more upright, which improves posture and blood circulation to rejuvenate the blood flow to to our internal organs. This allows us to feel more energetic as we move through our days. —Kay Hutchinson


11. You'll feel sexier. When you love your body, you feel better about yourself. You're less inhibited. Don't waste precious time and energy putting yourself down and comparing yourself to others. You are a masterpiece! Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. There is no one else on this planet exactly like you. Celebrate you! —Helen MacMillan

12. It makes shopping easier and more fun. When you're comfortable in your own skin, you dress differently. You'll actually wear brighter colors and more daring clothes because you're not afraid to stand out and be noticed. You'll actually choose clothes that make you feel good and that you really love rather than what "looks good on you." It's also easier to look in that dressing room mirror! How to start: make a habit of focusing on your attributes, the part of your body you do like. —Helen MacMillan

13. You'll be more confident. People who are uncomfortable with how they look represent themselves differently from those who have a healthy body image. When you love your body, you feel more comfortable and relaxed in it and people are more relaxed and comfortable around you. How to start: compliment yourself every day! —Helen MacMillan

14. You'll be happier. People generally identify themselves with their bodies, so, if you don't love your body, on some level you are not loving you. This leads to feeling badly about yourself and negative self talk which makes you more unhappy. Negative self-talk can be a real energy drain. If you love and accept your body, you won't feel so critical of yourself and you'll have more energy to boot! How to start: invite your inner critic to change jobs and become your inner cheerleader. Start catching yourself when you think something negative and immediately turn it around. —Helen MacMillan


15. You'll get out more and have more fun! Your body image can affect the activities you participate in. For instance, if you hate your legs, you probably won't wear shorts and may not go to the beach, let alone wear a bikini! The funny thing is, people generally take their cues from us. If we are self conscious about something, that's like a big red flag and they are sure to notice that very thing! If, on the other hand, you're relaxed about it, no one will notice. —Helen MacMillan

16. You will take action and move forward in your life instead of being paralyzed by fear. Insecurity about your weight, your height, or your shape can keep you stuck and afraid. Instead, move forward with confidence knowing that you have much to offer the world because of the internal and external beauty that you have defined for yourself. —Joy Bufalini

17. You will accept things that you cannot change, but change things that conflict with your life goals. You may have inherited the freckle gene or the size ten shoe gene, but you can learn to accept that and find the benefits of those physical traits. You have the opportunity to take inspired action to transform the areas that you can. For instance, if being out of shape does not support your vision for yourself as an active person who does volunteer work in the community, then you will be motivated to change because of love and respect for yourself. —Joy Bufalini

18. You can lose weight more easily. What you resist persists. If you are resisting your current weight and are often thinking negatively about it, you are pushing away the possibility of creating what you want for your body. Accepting and loving yourself right now is the gateway to transforming your weight. —Joy Bufalini


19. An attitude of gratitude makes all the difference. Maybe the cellulite on your legs bother you, or your stomach seems flabby, or your hips seem too wide. However, when you transform those perceived negatives to what you can be thankful for instead, you are able to love your body more easily. Remember that your stomach digests your food wonderfully, your legs allow you to move about your life, and your hips make it possible for you to bend and walk. —Joy Bufalini

20. Your body is unique and special. While you may fantasize about having a model-thin body or wear a bikini like a movie star, recognize that there is really nothing special about looking like a carbon copy of everyone else. You have so many distinctive features such as your hair, your eyes, your fingers, your toes and your arms. A positive body image is defined by how you love and appreciate how each of the unique parts makeup the whole of you. —Joy Bufalini

21. Empowerment is yours: you won't let others define you by a number on a scale or a dress size. You stand in your own power and declare to the world that you are worthy of respect because of who you are. You are no longer at the mercy of perceived judgments of others about you. Rather, you are free to be yourself in all areas. —Joy Bufalini

22. Confidence is contagious. Others will sense the confidence that you have in your own skin, and it will translate into them interacting with you confidently and treating you with more respect. Imagine the positive effects that this can have on your relationships and your career! —Joy Bufalini


23. You will feel more connected to others. Insecurity with our body tends to make us want to isolate ourselves. We feel like we don't deserve to be out at social events and have relationships like those whom we perceive to have ideal bodies. When you realize that the people who matter most will accept you just as you are right now, you can enjoy being connected to others without fear of judgment. —Joy Bufalini

24. When love goes around, it comes around. When you love your body, it's easier for you to open your heart in love to others because you are not stuck in a negative mindset towards yourself. When you love others without reservation, they will naturally love and respect you more thus reinforcing your own positive body image.  —Joy Bufalini

25. You are free to be imperfect. There's a lot of pressure in our society to maintain a certain size or weight and to have a "perfect" body. The trap of perfectionism is that you are never good enough and you always find something else to criticize. Embracing your imperfections and flaws unashamedly is freeing! —Joy Bufalini

26. You can become a yoga diva. People think you have to look like a "yoga girl" in order to do yoga, but you can do yoga at any size, and get the mind-calming and body-strengthening benefits. Start out with "beginner" or "gentle" restorative yoga and go at your own pace. Ask your teacher how to be more comfortable in difficult poses, and make it a several-times-a-week practice. You'll feel better about yourself! —Jana Beeman


27. You can find your exercise niche. Whether it's running, biking, ballroom dancing or yoga, having an exercise that draws you to do it regularly will help build confidence while building your body. If you haven't found something fun for you, step out of your box. Try bellydancing, kick boxing or martial arts. Look around ... there's something out there for you. —Jana Beeman

28. You can discover your inner strength and beauty. Take a little time each day to express yourself in some way, whether it's writing, journaling, painting, cooking, sewing, dancing, singing in the shower … whatever is fun and expressive for you is a gateway to feeling stronger and more unique. Remember our uniqueness is what sets us apart from others, and embracing that differentness makes us magnetic. —Jana Beeman

29. You will fall in love every day. Each morning before you get out of bed, find three things about yourself to love. It can be a feature you like, or an aspect of your personality. Whether it's your creativity, stubbornness or sense of adventure, embrace it and you will feel stronger and more powerful each day. —Jana Beeman

30. You will treat yourself like a princess. Give yourself a facial, indulge in a relaxing cup of tea and a good book, take a long walk in the woods … whatever it is that feeds your soul, give that gift to yourself regularly. When you treat yourself as though your needs matter, others will follow suit. —Jana Beeman


31. You will honor where you are. If you are tired, don’t force yourself to do aerobics. If you're energized, gift your body with a great workout. When you are stressed, relax into some restorative yoga and embrace some quiet mind space. Be where you are in the moment and you'll feel more connected. —Jana Beeman

32. You will love life like a silly puppy. Smell the flowers, roll in the grass, hug your family, play a crazy game of tag. When you give up being a certain way and just immerse yourself in the boundless fun of life, it opens your heart, and an open heart is very sexy! —Jana Beeman

33. Your body is your temple. It was created to house the unique soul living within it perfectly and to express who you are out into the world. By seeing the divine energy within yourself, you honor the gift of your unique soul. —Jana Beeman


34. You will live in the moment. Your body is the way it is right now, and even if you want to change it, don't wait until that change has happened to love and appreciate it. You only have this moment to really appreciate yourself, who and how you are in the world. Life created you … your flaws, your quirks, your habits and all. By honoring your body as it is right now in this moment, you honor all the gifts of your journey to this point — all the things you've learned, all you've overcome. Your path is perfect, because it created you as you are. —Jana Beeman

35. There is only one you, so embrace it! Find those things in yourself that make you feel different and play them up, whether it's freckles or extra curves. Allow yourself to stand in your strength and stand out from the crowd. —Jana Beeman

36. Your body is your vehicle in this life. Give it the best fuel and cover it in pretty colors. By treating your body well now, it will serve you a long, healthy time. If you don’t know how to treat it right, think natural, fresh and clean. Just remember that when you put sugar in your car's gas tank, it won't run right. Same goes for your body. —Jana Beeman

37. You will create magical energy around you. When you love and accept yourself — body, mind and spirit — you create an energy around yourself that is magical and draws others to you. Think of how good it will feel to inspire others to quit bashing on themselves and start embracing who they are and how they look. Create a legacy of strong women just by being who you are. —Jana Beeman


38. What you focus on increases. Focus on your flaws and you'll get more flaws — bigger ones! Focus on your beauty, and it intensifies and becomes more radiant. Focus on the fabulous gifts you've come into this life with, and they will multiply and fill your life with joy and satisfaction. —Jana Beeman

39. Others will love your body. How can anyone else love you until you love yourself? Even if you find it hard to love every single thing, find those things that you do at least appreciate, and work on creating love there. Then move on to more aspects or features. Be your own best friend, and you’ll soon find yourself surrounded by people worth knowing. —Jana Beeman

40. You'll be a better lover. Folks with bad body images shy away from sexual adventures, afraid their hideous exteriors will turn off their partners. Au contraire! Flaunt your sexy self — flaws included — in the bedroom. Not only will your partner be turned on by your bod, he'll feel more comfortable flaunting his own. —Rachel Kleinman