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"Change your mind, change your weight, change your life!"

About Joy Bufalini


You’ve been told that dieting is the only way to achieve the thin body you want. And you’ve been there, done that, tried that….so many times. You’ve felt the frustration of trying the latest and greatest diet, but your weight loss only lasted as long as your willpower held up. Taking someone else’s “system” from outside yourself and imposing it into your life is not going to work for very long. Changing your weight permanently comes from within. As I coach you, I will give you the tools that will teach you to listen to your own body and lose weight permanently.


You will...

  • Be motivated from within to achieve your body goals.
  • Have a clear vision for the ideal life you will live in your new slim body!
  • Learn powerful strategies to overcome emotional eating.
  • Clear out blocks that have been in your way in the past.
  • Uncover behaviors and habits that lead to self - sabotage.
  • Experience transformation in all areas of your life - body, career, relationships, you name it!

***Because my coaching is via phone or Skype, it's easy and convenient for you. It doesn't matter where you live in the US or the world, you can receive the benefits of personalized coaching.***


Joy Bufalini Success Stories

Joy helped me look at my eating habits in a new way

Women dealing with stress

Working with Joy has been one of the best and most enjoyable things I have done.  I could feel her genuine caring for me and felt like she was really a friend.  She has such an enthusiasm and positive outlook about her that it is difficult not to catch some of that as well!  Joy has much good information to share that helped me look at my eating in a new way, and having been through the process herself gave me confidence that when I asked her questions, she would know the answers or at least give me good direction to follow. more

J. – Utah

Joy gave me new insight each week!

Women dealing with stress

"I was so lucky to have Joy as my coach.  Every time I had an issue that I needed to work through she was able to come at it from a different angle and help me to think differently about it.  I never would have been able to stop dieting if I didn't have her on my side giving me new insight week after week."more

Debbie from Billings, MT

I'm thinking in new ways that has helped me greatly

Women dealing with stress

Joy is a wonderful Coach!
I really enjoy our exchanges.....I work for a major weight loss company, and have for several years, yet I'm thinking in n-e-w ways that only help me personally & professionally.
The mental and emotional processes involved around food and eating are so interesting....
and that is what Joy does: she helps you learn about yourSELF!!!  She asks questions that seem so obvious, then you don't have answers for them, it really makes you realize there is a lot of work to do! But the "work" is so fun & rewarding with Joy's help, and the results (inside and out) are worth every bit of effort!    I look very forward to continuing this work over the next few months and having even more positive results to convey!
Thanks, JOY!
A.C., Indiana

Joy has given me the confidence and tools I needed

Women dealing with stress

"The personal weight loss coaching I have received from Joy has been one of the most satisfying experiences I have ever enjoyed!  She is warm and caring, and with her understanding and encouragement she has helped me learn to understand and express my own real feelings.  Joy has given me the confidence and the tools I needed to continue on and enjoy this journey of becoming the naturally thin person I want to be.  I recommend her highly as an excellent coach."      
NW from Pennsylvania

Joy is a gem of a coach

Women dealing with stress

“Joy is a gem of a coach. She has positive energy.”      
HD from Maine

8 lbs lost in the first week of coaching!!!

Women dealing with stress

"I am so excited about my 1st week. I lost 8 pounds and it was so easy. I feel like I finally have a plan that makes so much sense!! I really wonder how many calories I was eating a day by "cleaning my plate". Really looking forward to making this a part of my life - Thank you for all your guidance Joy!!! xoxo"
- Jenny, 43

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