How To Decipher A Guy’s Go-To Communication Style — Just By Looking At His Pinky Finger

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What Palm Reading Reveals About How To Communicate Effectively With Men In Love & Relationships

Communication is one of the most important parts of any relationship. Without understanding how to talk to each other or which communication styles your partner prefers, you’re setting yourself up for miscommunication, confusion, and even arguments.

And while men have been notoriously labeled as hard to communicate with, or lacking the same social skills as women, this simply isn’t true.

So if you’re trying to learn how to communicate effectively with the man you love and find yourself struggling, it doesn’t mean that you’re both doomed to a life of never understanding one another. It may just mean you don’t know the best how to talk to each other ... yet.

But this can absolutely change, and in fact, you can learn your man's preferred communication style simply by looking at his palm lines and hands by following this simple guide to palm reading.

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In palmistry, which is the art of hand and palm reading, there are ways to discover more about a person’s personality and communication needs without much effort. In fact, just by looking at a single finger on his hand can tell you a lot of information about the way a man communicates his needs — and even if he’s truthful, trustworthy, or manipulative.

And that single finger is actually his smallest one: The little or “pinky” finger.

In the hands, communication is evaluated in the little finger, which is known by its astrological designation, Mercury. History speaking, in Roman mythology, Mercury was the god of communication. In Greek myth, this same deity was called Hermes, whom you might better recognize as being the “messenger” of the gods.

Part of each of their aspects was writing, language, and communication in general, which is why the little finger is such an important and oftentimes overlooked part of the hand.

But what exactly can the smallest part of a hand tell you? Quite a bit!

Here are 5 unique ways a guy's pinky finger reveals his go-to communication style in love and relationships, according to palm reading:

1. The length of his Mercury finger

When it comes to the Mercury finger, length is important because it tells you how much information and communication he’s going to need from you.

If this finger is shorter, he likely won’t require much talking, preferring instead to draw his own conclusions and ideas from what you’ve given him. He may even be quieter, preferring to listen and only jump in when he has something to say.

If it’s longer, however, that means he’ll likely be much more talkative. He’s going to ask a lot of questions, need a lot of information, and search you for details, because he’s naturally more investigative. He’ll need more information and explanation during discussions in order to avoid confusion.

2. His Mercury finger curves outward

Ideally, the little finger would be straight, but there are a lot of factors at play, like trauma, stress, and big events in life that can act on the hands and have an effect on their shape.

If your man’s little finger curves outward, away from the other fingers, he may have a tendency to stretch the truth or exaggerate. However, this could also indicate that he’s a storyteller or someone who likes to fill their time with talking.

In order to determine whether or not this curve is an indication of lying, pay attention to what he says. Perhaps he just likes to make big exaggerated stories, or perhaps he likes to embellish the truth a little too much. The curve of his finger could lead you to understand this a little better.

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3. His Mercury finger curves inward

Whenever a Mercury finger curves toward the other fingers, it could be representative of him having something to hide, or perhaps that he keeps his own counsel. A man whose little finger is curved is more likely to have some big trust issues — whether with you or other people in his life — and may even be manipulative. If his finger is really crooked or bent inward, then he may be an outright liar, and you’ll need to take in his words with more than a grain of salt.

He may have trouble telling you the truth either because he is nervous about trusting people or because he has experienced trauma that led him to believe he couldn’t trust others. He may not be forthright with you, so you’ll need to be aware of this possibility when you communicate with him.

4. His Mercury finger sticks out away from the others

When your guy’s little finger points out straight apart from the other fingers, this is actually a cute little quirk that indicates just that — quirkiness.

Someone with this sign on their hands is a little bit different, a little bit “quirky,” and is generally more open to the unusual things in life. Likely, he’ll have odd or strange things to say occasionally, perhaps even helping you develop a new perspective on a situation you otherwise never would have considered.

5. The phalanges are large/small

The phalanges or three “sections” of the finger between the joints, and based on their size, you can glean some information about who someone is.

The upper phalange or “zone”, where your nails are, represents the mental or spiritual realm, the middle zones are considered the “practical” realm, and the lower zone represents the physical.

  • If his upper/mental phalanges are larger, then your guy is likely more an “idea” person. He isn’t necessarily good at following through on the concepts or thoughts he has, but he is sincere when he says them. He’s a dreamer, and he dreams big, but he may get stuck in his own head sometimes and lost in thought rather than sharing all of those ideas with you.
    You may need to encourage him to speak up a touch more often or ground him more in reality when he’s off in a daydream.

  • If his middle/practical zone is larger, that means he’s more likely to be a good negotiator. He’s good with verbal communication, perhaps even a great conversationalist.
    He’s more aware of how to keep the ebb and flow of a conversation going, so isn’t likely to leave you feeling like you have to pull information out of him — or that you can’t get him to stop talking, either! He’s practical, which means that he’ll be more down to earth and realistic in his dialogue with you. He’ll likely offer helpful advice where he can, and direct you to practical solutions when you come to him with a problem.

  • If his lower/physical zone is larger, your guy is more of a sensual person. He will crave physical affection and touch, and love to be near you. He speaks more with action rather than words, although that doesn’t mean he won’t tell you sweet things, too!

Men with a larger physical zone may be more sexually charged, but they also love hugging and may come off as touchy/feely. They love being in contact with the one they love, and presence and touch are a big part of their communicative style.

Even if he doesn’t frequently tell you how much you mean to him or how much he loves you, pay attention to his body language, because it’s probably shouting his feelings! When he’s touching and kissing you, cuddling you, and just enjoying being near you, this is how he’s communicating with you.

Likewise, you’ll probably also be able to see stress or tension in the way he reacts. He may not shout when upset but will physically withdraw until he feels safe to express himself again.

There are so many different ways that people in relationships communicate. In order to get a better grasp of how your man may “speak” to you a little differently, take a look at his hands! When you have a better understanding of how to speak his language, arguments and fights may well become a thing of the past.

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Cynthia Clark is a certified palm reading consultant and relationship expert, as well as the author of Stories in Your Hands. She uses archetypes to assist others in discovering their soulmate match. Visit her website to learn more.

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