REGULAR Women In Lingerie Challenge

REGULAR Women in Lingerie Challenge

Show the world what a regular person looks like in lingerie, and they wouldn't know how to react. How does a real woman look in her lingerie? We all see images of women in lingerie, but have you ever seen a real lingerie ad before its been perfected by Photoshop?

My challenge is to "Let's Show the World what Regular Women Look Like" in lingerie, bras and panties. It was my customer's idea, and I think it is a brilliant one. We just launched the campaign on Friday, November 14, and we have been overwhelmed and touched by the response. (If you would like to see what we are up to or join us, my fans and likers are posting their pics on my Curvy Girl Lingerie Facebook page )

My name is Chrystal Bougon, and I own Curvy Girl Lingerie in San Jose. We are the second plus size lingerie store in the entire country. We opened our doors in October of 2012, and we've had an amazing 13 months since we have opened.

Life isn't photoshopped, so why should the ads be? We want to show all of the social media sites and the rest of the print media that we are not buying what the media is selling. We are showing the world what real people look like. People who had had babies, surgeries, scars, stretch marks, perky breasts, droopy breats—we want to show every type of realness. 

You can share your photo to my page privately if you do not want to have your name attached to your picture. You can also email it to us via our contact form on my Curvy Girl Lingerie webpage

So far, we have had hundreds and hundreds of women sharing their pictures, and it's super amazing, powerful, compelling and is creating an amazing community amongst us curvy girls.

Thanks for stopping by, and if you have any thoughts about real women in lingerie or our challenge, please share them here!

Sincerely, Chrystal Bougon

Owner and Resident Curvy Girl

Curvy Girl Lingerie in San Jose, CA

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