Fashion Show Went Off With A BANG!


Now growing up as a young curvy girl I found out VERY quickly finding clothes, finding bras, and finding anything to wear would become a challenge. I wore sports bras and granny panties for a while. Every once in a while I would come across a gem. A FIND! A bra that wasn’t ugly, or an actual cute pair of undies! Then poof that store wouldn’t sell them anymore or they were being discontinued. It was always so hard. Let alone lingerie. I remember one time I found this pink thong that had a fuzzy trim. It looked like it come right out of the 1960’s. I can still tell you the exact feeling I had once I put it on, FEM-BOT. I felt like a robot. I wasn’t comfortable, I couldn’t act sexy because I felt so awkward in it. I put it away and never wore it again. 
You should never NEVER have to feel that way. Curvy Girl Inc. put together another amazing fashion show this year. This was their 3rd annual fashion show, Curvy Appeal. Let me tell you, there was so much appeal. The pieces were worn by actual curvy, plus size, fat women. Whom happen to be customers. In all different shapes and sizes. It was my first time attending the show and I had a blast. From setting up our Curvy Girl Lingerie table to watching the models walk to just being around such confident women. It was so…epic is the only word that comes to mind. We had great sponsorship by Lelo, and yummy hors devours. Not to mention the Nothing Bundt Cake table. The models all looked so sexy and sassy. One model went all out and made a cherry head band and adorable cupcake shoes. Another model wore a giant purple wig. Each woman was able to let their personality shine, while giving women the chance to see what the lingerie looks like on different bodies. 
If you live in the Bay Area you should definitely attend next year. Not only for the awesome show, but to soak up some of the confidence these women have. I really can’t express enough how sweet and open each one of the women I met were. They really came together and put on a wonderful performance. Watching these women strut their stuff really made me want to be apart of them. I, at times couldn’t help myself and would just have to dance around because I was so excited. To have an event that is dedicated to fat, curvy, plus size women was just magic. The freedom and confidence that oozed from every corner was not to be missed. I haven’t felt that comfortable in a room full of women in a long time. No one judging anyone, everyone embracing everyone and just having fun. After the show the models walked around the event in their lingerie laughing and having a great time. I will be there next year. Will I be walking the run way? I guess we will have to stay tuned.