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If You Know These 6 Attraction Secrets, You’ll Get More Dates Than You Can Handle

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What is Akasha? Attraction Secrets That Will Help You In Dating, Relationships, & In Finding True Love

Looking for some dating advice that teaches you how to attract your one true love? 

There is a new relationship secret making its way onto the streets: The Inside Job™. It involves attracting and retaining a nourishing, head over heels in love, romantic partnership.

These secrets can help you attract your soulmate, score a date with them, and build the relationship of your dreams. However, to get the love life that you deserve, you'll need to learn how to start dating using positive energy, how to change your dating mindset, how to ditch limiting beliefs, and how to use the law of attraction to get what you want. 

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This involves clearing your emotional energy so that you no longer push people away. And, strengthening self-love to clarify what you really long for deep within your heart. Then, you can magnetically attract your soul mate. 

The roadmap to making this all happen is an Akashic reading and healing

What is Akasha and Akashic Records?

According to Wikipedia, Akashic records are: "A compendium of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future."

You can think of the Akasha as an enormous record of everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen. Imagine that all of this information is organized on a computer and includes everyone on the planet.

You can access your information at any time, and delete and re-write what interferes with what you seek, like limiting beliefs about dating, love, and relationships. 

If you're asking yourself "Why am I single?" here are six attraction secrets for getting more dates, attracting the relationships you want, and finding your true love: 

1. Forget old vows and contracts

The first bit of love advice is to start by looking for any hidden vows or contracts from previous lifetimes that are still affecting you today.

For example, if you were a nun or monk in another timeline, those vows of chastity just have to go! Maybe you are currently in a relationship with someone you agreed to be with, but the spark is over. It may be time to dissolve that spiritual agreement so you can attract the love for whom you really yearn.

Maybe there is a curse lurking about from a jilted lover or jealous competitor. Clear these negative energies and watch the changes start to happen in your love life. 

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2. Change what you believe about women and men

The war between women and men is so passé, yet still smoldering away. You might just be surprised by how many images and limiting beliefs you have unconsciously acquired about members of the same or opposite sex.

Many of these are like shark repellent to a relationship, so it is vital that they are identified and cleared away. Then, you can enhance the magnetic connection and romantic attraction. 

3. Balance the divine masculine and feminine 

Asian philosophy tells us that we are a mix of female and male energies. The problem is that often, we reject some aspect of these within ourselves. So recover the divine feminine and masculine within and then unite them so you hold a perfect balance.

Now you have a magnetic field within your heart working for you 24 X 7 to attract and retain a great, out of this world, partnership. If you want to take this a step further, connect your heart with your potential partner’s, even if you do not yet know them! Bring them to you.  

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4. Clear your fears

Fears can be extraordinarily damaging to what would be an otherwise wonderful relationship.

Clear out any negative drama you have hidden inside yourself relating to being in love. Next, identify any other fears you have that could relate to some sort of romantic connection, and replace those with positive life-affirming patterns instead.

This might take a little karma clearing, but regardless, this can ensure that your true love becomes attracted to you. 

5. Love yourself

Self-love is really important in bringing the right person to you. This does not mean being selfish, but rather, it's about you being in love with who you are and working at transforming negative thoughts into positive thoughts within yourself.

When you really learn to love yourself, you sport that inner glow that no make-up or surgery can ever hope to duplicate, so people want to be around you. Compile a list of negative beliefs and feelings you have about yourself and clear them from your Akashic field. 

6. Look at the abundance in your life

Now, if you really want to intensify things even more, take a look at your conscious and unconscious images and beliefs about abundance. This can actually reach into many parts of your life.

Maybe start off thinking about the effortless ease of your breath every day. What does that feel like? Bring that same sensation to relationships and see how that turbo charges your love life.

The Inside Job™ is a beautiful process, much like the opening up of a radiant flower. Delete vows, negative images, beliefs, and fears about yourself, relationships, women, men, and abundance.

Unite your divine feminine and masculine energies while deepening self-love, and you show up in the universe as a relationship magnet. 

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Christopher Barham is an energy healer who works with people to find love, heal traumatic issues in their pasts, including both physical and mental pain, and to help them discover their soul purpose in life. For more information on how you can clear your Akashic record or learn to do it yourself, visit his website.