12 Signs He's Falling In Love With You (Even If He Hasn't Said Those 3 Words Yet)

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Is He Falling In Love With Me? 12 Signs He's Falling In Love

You started seeing a great guy, and things are going well. But since he hasn't officially asked you to be his girlfriend or said those three little words yet, you constantly find yourself wondering, "Is he falling in love me?"

Sometimes, even when a man has strong feelings for you, he won't come right out and say it for any number of reasons. But even so, if he's falling for you (no matter how slowly), he'll be sure to give off subtle signs letting you know.

12 Signs He's Falling in Love with You

Look for these 12 undeniable signs he's falling for you and wants to be your boyfriend, even if he hasn't said "I love you" yet.

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1. You've known each other for a while.

Things are clicking between you and neither of you can get enough of each other. It seems like you’ve known each other for a long time, and he's clearly interested in the vibrant woman you are. This is a good sign!

If your man wants to know everything about your intellect, creativity and passion for life, and actively tries to discover the deeper parts of your personality, it's a sign he's totally hooked on you.

2. He brings out the best in you.

No matter where you are in the relationship, when you start second-guessing your gut, you undo all of that positive energy between the two of you.

But when you’re with him, you feel really good and don't get stuck in your head all that often. You like how he makes you feel and, more importantly, you like how you show up in the relationship when you’re with him (and how he does, too).

3. He stays in communication with you.

Even when things in your relationship need to be discussed, you find him listening and really "getting you" and what you’re saying. He would never give you the silent treatment if was upset or angry, and instead chooses to talk things out with you, openly and directly.

There’s nothing to read between the lines with this guy because each of you is transparent with the other. You know where he’s coming from, and you feel comfortable enough to let him know the same, which makes it so much easier to just "be" in your relationship.

This is why things seem to keep getting better and better between you two. So, stop the doubting and trust what you see, what you hear, and how you feel.

4. His body language speaks loudly.

Even if you're dating the silent type, you can tell how a man feels about you by paying attention to his body language cues.

Whether he initiates a secret smile between the two of you across a crowded bar, reaches out to hold your hand in the car, or hangs out in the kitchen talking while you cook, these subtle actions can tell you what his mouth hasn't said yet: He's falling in love with you.

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5. He's thoughtful and generous with you.

While he might not shower you with romantic gestures like roses and candy, he steps up where it really matters and remembers the little things without you having to ask.

Maybe he bought your favorite power bars because he noticed you were out, or the time he spontaneously cooked dinner from leftovers because he knew you had been working long hours and couldn't stop to get something to eat.

These aren't signs that he's trying to impress you; rather, these thoughtful gestures show that he's thinking about how you feel and what your day-to-day life is like from your perspective, which means he's being the attentive and loving partner you deserve.

6. You feel a genuine connection between you.

When you feel it, he feels it, too. You've been able to find common ground together and build upon it to create your own special bond.

That's why, when you’re together, you can be your wacky, awesome self — and he accepts you (and is falling for you!) just how you are, without any judgment.

7. He keeps you in the front of his mind — and makes sure you know it.

Whether he's at work, out spending time with his friends, or simply anywhere else without you, he'll text you during a free moment just to let you know he's thinking of you.

When a guy can't keep get you out of his head, that's a sure sign he's falling in love with you.

8. He's both your lover and your best friend.

He's your favorite person to be around, and you're his favorite, too!

Before him, you didn't know it was possible to have so much fun with someone and still have such strong love feelings. Maybe he makes you laugh with his amazing sense of humor, or his carefree attitude puts you at ease.

Whatever it is about him that makes you light up, you two enjoy spending time together. Whether it's a romantic date night out or simply running errands together, everything is better when you're together.

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9. His values are similar to yours.

While you might have different tastes in the little things, like a favorite soundtrack or preferred type of cuisine, you both have the same top three core values in life.

Whether it's education, money, kids, career, family, politics, or charities, you two agree which three are the most important, even if you rank them differently.

Once you identify that you're on the same page about your common core values, falling in love becomes a natural next step that leads you down the path to increased synchronicity and synergy in your relationship.

10. He supports your dreams, and you support his.

Whether you both have a career or one of you is in transition with school, getting a promotion, or changing jobs, is he able to manage the relationship and support you you when you can’t be together due to responsibilities and commitments?

If so, that’s a sacrifice that proves his love.

It may not feel good at the moment because you miss each other, but in the long haul, his flexibility and support of your dreams shows that you’re committed to each other and have each other’s backs.

11. Your pillow talk is deep.

Do you love to lie in bed with him and hold each other, perhaps even talking about the future? Do you both treasure the moments where you look into each other's eyes and feel connected?

When the cozy parts of intimacy are just as important and enticing as the others, that's how you know what you two have together is real.

12. He makes you feel good.

A man who is falling in love will be very giving to you in his own sweet way.

He listens attentively and comments on your opinion. He gives you his time and energy when something is upsetting to you. He'll be ready with a hug whenever you need it.

Simply put, he has a way of making everything better and affirms you his love by showing up for you in just the way you need him. This is a good sign that he's falling in love you, even if he hasn't said "I love you" just yet.

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