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3 Rules That Make Men CRAZY Attracted To You

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3 Dating Rules To Follow For A Smooth Sailing Relationship

Although it may start with a date or dates, it’s not about dating at all.

Dating is only a means to an end — a fun and fulfilling relationship. People are meant to be in a relationship. Get my drift?

Yes, dating IS a fundamental way to meet someone terrific, but most people jump off of the boat too early, try to sail against the current, or attempt to speed up with way too big a sail.

While you're dating, following these 3 dating rules can make your sailing trip a lot smoother:

1. Don’t depend on a partner to have a fulfilling life.


Create your own. If you want someone to make you happy — forget it. Your job is to make you happy NOW and to create the best life possible. Someone then can make you happier. 

Again, your job is to be the kind of person where people are yearning to come on board. If you are trying really hard, trying to get somewhere, who would want to get on such a boat?

However, if you're laughing, smiling, being you and having fun, well…that’s the boat I want to be on!

2. Honor yourself — it's sexy!


When you honor yourself, you are telling people that you matter and they respect you much more. Rather than trying to be better than all those other boats, look at the wonderful yacht you are and make it a shining sail boat that sails with pride. 

After focusing on me, I was pleasantly surprised that people gravitated to my fun yacht and wanted to sail with me. Honoring yourself isn’t about being snotty, mean and arrogant — it’s about being true to your BEST self!

3. Exude good energy.


If someone is releasing an energy, even subconsciously, that screams "My boat isn’t a good boat", "My boat might sink because I don’t know how to sail it", or "My boat has a bad set of sails you shouldn’t jump in my boat", you're most likely doing it too without knowing it. 

What if you shifted your attitude to "My boat rocks!", "My boat is fun!", or "come on over to my boat. I have music, great food, and can dance on the deck!"

Having a great dating life and love life starts with you! There is no other way to say it, and by the way, if you think it’s them, it’s not, it’s YOU and the energy you are portraying

Are you willing to keep creating a great life and have the best boat possible then turn up the music, enjoy yummy food and have fun until you easily discover the person who will dance on the deck into the sunset with you!!

Suzanne Muller-Heinz believes every person is capable of being in a healthy and fulfilling relationship. It just requires some new skills. She's the author of Loveable: 21 Practices for Being in a Loving & Fulfilling Relationship. If you're a woman ready to discover what's really possible for you, visit Happy Living Forever.

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