The Sad Reason So Many People Quit Hypnotherapy After Just One Session

Clinical hypnotherapy helps people become aware of their subconscious.

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Being heard is a wonderful feeling. Being seen is another.

Now, if you feel seen and heard, then you begin to feel understood. Over time, you feel supported. With support comes self-acceptance and, finally, self-love.

That’s the journey my clients go on when they work with me. Sounds simple, right? It’s challenging but clients experience a sense of completeness after their first session. A challenge could be embraced and taken on or avoided, and this is what happens when my client is winding up their first session.


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Clinical hypnotherapy helps people become aware of their subconscious.

A peek into their subconscious makes them either want to go deeper or flee. When you are not hurting enough, you may say, change is not for me. I will return to my same old, same old. These clients do not return after their first session.

Or, at the end of the first session, they feel their presented challenges just got cleared up and life became a bit bearable, and though they promise to contact me soon or when they have more money, they don’t.

It’s like vacuuming around the furniture and dusting around the items on the table, but not wanting to move the furniture or the items on the table to clean beneath the surface or in the corners.


Any true hypnotherapy service will make you look beneath the surface and work with stored memories, past patterns, and belief systems. This is deep cleaning and most people fear this or do not feel they need it.

To be truly happy, you need to work at it continuously. You not only start feeling better, you learn to stay feeling better on your own.

To explain, here’s a parallel that can be drawn between emotional pain and physical sickness.

Your emotional immune system needs continuous tender love and care. You fall sick not because there are germs in the air. An immune system weaker than the strength of the virus is what makes you sick.

Just like germs are and will always remain in the air, negativity will also always surround you, no matter where you are. The truth is there are germs in a surgical chamber, which is why other than the patient everyone wears scrub suits and masks.


Positivity and negativity are both energetic associations with your memory. The same incident can make one man laugh and another cry. It all depends on how you look at it and what’s going on inside of you.

A man could lose a thousand dollars and say “thank God! I lost only a thousand dollars and not more,” while another man could say, “I can’t believe I lost a thousand dollars. What’s wrong with the world and how can such a thing happen to me?”

People stay in pain for as long as possible. When it becomes unbearable they look up a directory and get in touch with a professional. After their first session, they realize that hypnotherapy will make them face reality and take responsibility for their lives.

If they are not ready to erase their past of blame, shame, and guilt and write a new story, they do not return.


Continuing to come to hypnotherapy would help them live not by chance but through choice, and they are not ready for it yet.

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Negativity is a perspective, just like positivity. It’s the glass being half full or half empty. A pessimist feels a glass is half empty. An optimist feels a glass is half full. A mystic knows that the glass is always full; it has half water and half air, and both are needed to survive.

Hypnotherapy service is ideal for the brave heart. Over 16 years of my hypnotherapy service, I found that the root cause of people’s pain is a lack of self-acceptance. I have worked as a spiritual life coach for more than 20 years. The greatest struggle anyone encounters is self-love.

Unless you learn to accept yourself, how can you let someone else accept you? Because you can’t relate to yourself, you struggle to relate with others. So naturally, others find it hard to relate with you. Relations seem to swim on the surface and so does acceptance.


What happens in the first session of hypnotherapy?

Right away, in the first session, the client begins to notice the source of their pain and the place where their solution lies is both within themselves.

After the first session, they realize that hypnotherapists are serious about their work and will help them drop the blame game and take responsibility. You have to be ready to forgive yourself for having held onto pain for so long.

Only through self-forgiveness will you learn to love yourself and have others love you the way they know best.

There are two reasons why people quit after their first session.

1. The bottom line is when they come in looking for a one-session miracle and find that hypnotherapy isn’t what they thought it would be, they feel disillusioned and do not return.


2. The client feels seen, heard, understood, and loved during their time in the session and so never returns.

Finally, as an energy medicine practitioner, I believe in soul contracts. I accept that the client of one session was either a passenger sharing a ride for a while or they are a stranger, with whom I share no soul-contract, who bumped into me, got what they needed in that one exchange with me, and continued on their journey.

I have learned that opposites might attract, yet only likes stick together. People will step into your life either for a reason or a season, but no one can be with you for a lifetime. Either they will outlive you or you outlive them.

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Keya Murthy, M.S., is the founder of Ventura Healing Center and is passionate about helping her clients move beyond their circumstances to find their purpose, peace, and contentment. Her 11th book The Book On Happiness: How To Have Peace And Stability As a Working Mom is available on Amazon.