5 Things Men Want From You Before They Can Fall In Love

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How To Make A Man Fall In Love With You By Doing These 5 Things Guys Need

When you're dating a guy and embarking on a new romantic relationship, most women want to know their boyfriend appreciates them for their individuality.

As a woman, you don't just want to know how to make a man fall in love — you want to know how to make him fall in love with you.

The man in your life is no different, and yet, men often feel forgotten in the midst of women's initial excitement about promising romantic relationships.

Men are like the precious metal band of a beautiful engagement ring, whereas women are the diamond standing out front and center.

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And while yes, as a woman, you do provide that extra special sparkle, in order for a man to fall in love, he needs to know you recognize the ways he shines for you, protects you and supports you.

If a man gets the inkling that you don't truly see or appreciate him, he will leave even a valuable relationship with a wonderful woman.

But, if he can feel that you truly understand him and connect with him on a deep, individualized level, he’ll know you see him they way he wants to be seen, and he'll feel appreciated for who he truly is and fall in love.

Here are 5 things to do to make a guy fall in love with you. 

1. Love and accept him as he is, and make him feel he belongs with you.

Men want love, belonging, and acceptance, all of which are different and yet of equal importance.

  • Love is you feeling deep care and compassion for him
  • Belonging is you inviting and welcoming him into your life
  • Acceptance is doing both of these while allowing him to be exactly who he already is

Men want to come as they are and feel loved for being themselves. The more you create an environment with love, belonging, and acceptance, the closer he will want to be with you.

2. Respect and appreciate his actions, in and out of the relationship.

He wants to be seen for his own unique gifts, strengths, and talents, both inside and outside of your relationship.

This means that he wants you to recognize his business prowess, his gift for making others laugh, and his commitment to family.

He wants to be seen for the ways he demonstrates his love for you and the way you witness him make an impact on the world.

Men need to feel seen holistically, so maintain a balanced view of him and be sure to address his deepest core needs when discussing what it is you specifically love and appreciate about him.

3. Support his core personality and desires.

Although he is an individual with individual needs, there are ways to do your homework in order to get to know him even better than you do now.

One way gain a deeper understanding of him is to educate yourself about his particular personality type.

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When you understand his innermost motivations, thoughts, and drives, you can speak to his core and support him in becoming his highest and best self.

The best, most healthy relationships are those in which each of you share this kind of understanding and support for one another, and you have the power to establish this foundation.

4. Love loving him.

They say that when you give love, you shall receive love, and it's true. When you give a man the gifts of your thoughtfulness, your time, your attention, and your understanding, he will, in turn, give these back to you.

Demonstrating your commitment to him and to your relationship is one of the surest ways to receive that same level of commitment from a man.

Rather than asking for what you want, show him all you are willing and able to give him. In effect, this will create a relationship in which you receive the same from him.

5. Show acts of love and attraction that go beyond words.

The marketing concept known as "experiential rewards" works particularly well in relation to the male psyche.

As explained on marketing blog, "Experiential rewards can be defined as rewards that go beyond transactions to enhance the larger customer experience. The goal of offering this type of reward is to exceed your customer’s expectations by providing them with access to experiences that can’t be replicated or found anywhere else.

In other words, experiential rewards have the power to turn routine purchases into a stronger emotional connection between your customers and your brand ... As a result, experiential rewards become fully immersive ways to build relationships with your customers that make a much stronger impression than a discount in price ever could."

When a man experiences an act of love from a woman, her action activates the Law of Attraction, and, in his unconscious mind, is linked to love itself.

Actions of attraction are those that show him you know and understand his highest self, magnified by the display of your giving, compassionate, and loving nature.

It’s no surprise the old adage says, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Making the man you love a delicious meal is an action of attraction.

So whether you cook dinner for him, send him a loving text, or praise his thoughtfulness, when you give a man exactly what he wants and needs within the content of your relationship, you deepen your intimate connection with each other and make him fall in love with you.

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Clayton Olson is an International Relationship Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, and Facilitator who delivers private virtual coaching sessions and leads online group workshops. He is the author of the e-book, 8 Secrets To Create A Rock Solid Relationship.