You're Overthinking This: 3 Ways To Know He Likes You For SURE

girl confused

Trying to figure out whether someone likes you or not can be frustrating.

Sure, it can be fun trying analyze what someone feels about you. Does he like you? Does he not like you? It is potentially one of the most enjoyable parts of falling in love (in it’s own frustrating and complicated way).

But overanalyzing isn't going to be the advice you need to know how he feels. Here are three ways to know for sure whether he likes you (or not):

1. Turn off the BS machine—take an objective approach.
As a self-protection mechanism, a lot of people get in the habit of setting their hopes low.

You see, most people’s brains operate like a finely tuned BS machine. Whenever there are any blanks that need to be filled in, their brain will fill in the spaces with some negative BS assumption.

For example, maybe he leaves quickly after a group meeting without talking to you the way he did in the past. Why did he do that? Your BS machine will probably tell you something, like maybe he doesn’t like you anymore and he was rushing out to avoid talking to you.

It’s important to note that these thoughts are completely made up and have no foundation in reality, no matter how real they seem to you. The first step in figuring out if he likes you or not is to turn off the BS machine and just look at objective facts without adding your own spin on them.

So, back to the example, all you would notice is that he got up and left after a meeting. That’s it. There is no meaning applied to it. It’s simply objective behavior.

2. Pay attention to his actions.
Once you're lookign at objective actions WITHOUT your own story applied to them, look only at his actions.

Don’t pay any attention to the words he uses or says. (This includes things about how he likes your doesn’t like you and things about how the two of you are “just friends” or anything else.) Simply look at his actions and body language alone.

Are these the sorts of things that someone who likes you would actually do? Are they things that someone who doesn’t like you would do? Does he respect you? Does he only see you as a friend?

3. Go with Your Gut
After you’ve turned off the BS machine and paid attention to his actions, go with your gut instinct. Without thinking, do you believe that he likes you?

Your intuition is way more accurate than most people give it credit for. People tend to silence their intuition by overthinking and over analyzing. But we’ve already turned down the volume on those. Now all that's left to do is follow your intuition.

So what do you think? DOES he like you?

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