Everything You Need To Know About True Energy Clearing For The New Year

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One of the most important energy clearing principles you will ever learn, based on the law of thermodynamics, is this: energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another. 

Thoughts, beliefs, and desires — all of these are made of energy, which means every thought you have ever thought still exists somewhere. 

The same holds true for every desire you've ever felt and every belief you’ve ever held. Once energy is set into motion, its momentum continues into infinity.  

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Energy clearing for the New Year

This may seem like incredibly bad news. After all, if a particular thought or belief is no longer serving you, wouldn’t it be nice to simply wipe it away? 

And as the New Year approaches, don’t you long for a blank slate, so to speak, on which to create something new?

If the energy of past momentum can never be destroyed, how can you effectively clear space for new creative energy

You don't even need sage or crystals at home. You just need to master these energy clearing principles. 

3 Energy clearing principles to use to make a ritual for the New Year.

1. We live in an attraction-based universe, where the concept of "no" does not exist.

Clearing out energy is really about clarifying and amplifying all that you desire to say "yes" to. Not only is it unnecessary to get rid of all the things you don’t desire, but it’s also actually counterproductive.

A simple analogy may help to illuminate this.

If a radio station is playing a song you don’t like, do you attempt to obliterate that radio broadcast? Of course, you don’t.

You wisely understand that there are hundreds of different radio broadcasts that you could tune into at any moment. And with a turn of the dial, you simply choose the one that most closely matches your desire at that moment. 

The energy of your desires — past, present, and future — is no different.

That which you deeply desire to create in the coming year exists in a state of pure potentiality right at this moment. To bring it into full-blown manifestation in your life, you need only to nurture this possibility with your energy. 

The realities you desire to manifest in the coming year are like a broadcast being transmitted through one specific station on your radio dial.

It doesn’t matter if you spent the last 10 years tuned to a different station. You still have the power, at any moment, to shift your point of focus. And in shifting your focus to what you do want, you summon it powerfully into your experience. 

2. Understand that creation is equal parts intending and allowing.

When an artist creates a beautiful new piece of music, do they work hard to block out all the extraneous notes? Or do they simply allow themselves to receive the harmony that's coming through? 

Effective energy clearing works along with this same principle. Don’t waste your efforts trying to rid yourself of something unwanted. Focus all your energy on allowing what you want instead. 

The relationships, experiences, objects, and circumstances that you want to manifest don't need to be created. They already exist, right now, as unmanifested possibilities that can be pulled into tangible existence at any time. 

Having mental clarity about what it is that you want while, at the same time, maintaining a feeling state of allowing and non-resistance will always draw it towards you. 

Intending and allowing are equally important in the manifestation equation, but every situation calls for a different degree of each. 

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As part of their New Year’s ritual, many people make lists of the desires they intend to bring to fruition. But what's lacking is the awareness that the energy of allowing is what enables these new realities to take root in your experience. 

If you’re clear about your desire but are bumping up against resistance, this is a sure sign you need more allowing. In those moments, it’s better to back off of the intensity of your desire and focus on increasing your well-being.  

Whenever your encounter resistance in the form of doubt, frustration, or despair, take a break from whatever you're doing. 

Practice appreciation for the present moment as it is. Break down whatever it is you are working toward into smaller "bites." Give yourself compassion. 

Allowing is a vital part of the creation equation. 

New Year rituals like lighting candles, relaxing in a warm bath, or pampering yourself are productive for one reason: they all increase your capacity to allow. In order to receive, you must be in a state of allowing. 

When you marry the intensity of your desire with the ease of receptivity, you speed the manifestation of your desires. 

3. Take only inspired actions when you're clearing out the old.

Each New Year’s Day, gyms are packed with those who have launched intentions to become more fit. But, how many of these well-intended individuals are still following a consistent fitness routine by the time March rolls around? 

Unless your desires are correlated with an internal alignment of energy, they simply don’t manifest. Sure, you can force yourself to take certain actions for a period of time, but without internal alignment, they won’t become healthy habits. 

True energy clearing is predicated on you cultivating an internal state of alignment. When you're energetically warmed up for whatever action you're about to take, the results are far more effective.  

As you review your list of intentions for 2022, go a little deeper than simply visualizing the results. Take a moment to also imagine how it would feel to have created them.  

A few minutes of aligning your energy with the outcome you want to create is far more powerful than hours and hours of action taken without this connection. 

It’s like the difference between using battery power versus plugging into a live electrical current. Action that's infused with energy and intention produces results that are astonishing compared to what can be accomplished with action alone. 

Remember that your desires are already a reality, vibrating within a particular range of frequency. Make alignment with this vibration your primary goal, and all discordant energies will naturally fall away.

This is how to accomplish a meaningful energy clearing for the New Year.

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Christy Whitman is an energy healer, Master Certified Law of Attraction Coach, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All: A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance, as well as her latest book, The Desire Factor: How to Embrace Your Materialistic Nature to Reclaim Your Full Spiritual Power