How To Know What A Man Is Really Thinking

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How using your intuition can lead you to the one.

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Have you ever been with a guy and he seemed to have it all together?

He was caring, loving, generous, present and aware and you had such an amazing time together. But then some of his issues popped up out of NOWHERE. Maybe his issues were some of the dreaded and common ones we predictable and difficult men go through like these:

- He started getting restless and he talked about how he wasn't really ready to settle down.

- He didn't see things getting as serious as you did.

- The connection started fading. He didn't try to connect to you much anymore and share his intimate feelings.

- You weren't a priority. He wanted to spend his time with his friends or other people and didn't value the time you spent together like you did.

- He started flirting, talking to or even getting together with other women even if he wasn't technically "cheating".

Recognize any of these? What's going on here? Here's where your "magic" comes in. The magic I'm talking about here isn't that far out stuff about conjuring up spells or changing into an animal. Let's leave that kind of magic to Harry Potter and your imagination. The magic I'm talking about is different and exists in the real world, but it's just as amazing. And it centers around an important idea:

You instinctively know more about what's going on in the world around you than you or your conscious mind fully recognizes.

And here's the kicker:

You ALREADY HAVE this magical ability. All you have to do is tune into it.

Easier said than done, right? So how does that work?

Your mind is constantly picking up on information from your environment, even when you're not really conscious of it. And all that information is being "processed" over and over to try and calculate the risk, danger, and expectations from your environment to try to find a way towards the outcome you want. So what am I talking about?


You're probably already familiar with the word. But stop right there. When you hear the term "intuition", it's easy to attach all of your previous feelings and beliefs about it and dismiss it as some kind of new age "flaky" stuff. I hear you, but indulge me here by keeping an open mind for a few minutes.

You'd be cheating yourself by not spending the couple of minutes or so that it takes to open your mind to the natural power of your intuition and how to tune into it. I don't have to tell you, but MEN ARE BAD COMMUNICATORS when it comes to their feelings, emotions and intentions around love and relationships. So knowing that men are often this way, you have a choice here:

You can either do nothing about it and continue to be shocked, frustrated, surprised and hurt by the things you find out about men after the fact.


You can start to create a more perceptive and insightful way of being in your own life and relationships by using more the natural intuitive abilities you already have.

Which one will it be?

Using Your Intuition With Men And Dating

Using your intuition might be the best, and in some situations the ONLY, way that you'll be able to see through all the external "behavior stuff" going on with a man and get to the truth of what's really happening inside his mind and what his behavior is when you're not around. Like when a man plays hard to get, or he doesn't call you much or initiate, or when a man gets close and then withdraws from you right after. Why do men do this?

For each one of these I've got some interesting insights and theories that can help. But from my perspective, there are some extremely important concepts that you need to understand before you can really "get" where a man is coming from or understand what his behaviors and issues are all about.

Here are some of the most important concepts you'll need to keep in your mind as you move towards listening to and using your intuition with men:

1. Men Don't Make Sense

All those frustrating things that men do that don't make any sense to you as a woman will NEVER MAKE SENSE. Stop trying to make sense of them for yourself. Trying to make sense of a man in your own terms is entirely counterproductive and gets little or no results other than you becoming increasingly frustrated. There's a better way.

2. You Can't Figure Everything Out

Have you ever REALLY hit it off with a guy but after a few weeks or months, even though things seemed great, the man pulled away and starting acting distant and cold?

Most men, at one time or another, do things like this that are ridiculous and impossible to figure out. So EXPECT to NOT UNDERSTAND everything a man does. If you can become more comfortable with the idea of not knowing everything about WHY a man does what he does, then you'll feel a strange sense of calm relaxation—along with an increase in your own self-confidence.

I'm not saying that it's OK for a man to do whatever and that you should accept any negative and withdrawing behaviors without bringing it up and confronting it. You absolutely should take notice and make mention of these things when you see them. But the more relaxed and positive you can think and feel around these things, no matter what the man is doing, the sooner you'll stop fighting everything in your mind and start creating better situations for yourself.

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It's frustrating and counterintuitive, but accepting what's going on and moving forward from that reality in a positive way changes the whole frame of the situation. But some women get stuck in the "I need to understand why he does this and THEN I'll figure out what to do, think and feel" mindset. This almost never leads to clear thinking and positive action. Remember, men don't make any sense. So don't depend on their actions