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About Chelli Pumphrey

I am your Love Strategist. Using my 20+ years of experience as a therapist, I use my expertise in psychology and relationships to help you become confident and empowered in your quest for love, so you can stop repeating unhealthy patterns that keep you single and heartbroken. 

Did you know that there's a reason for all of the crazy things we experience in dating and love? It's important to know how your brain works in the stages of love, so that you have more control of your emotions and actions as you navigate the stresses of the modern dating world. 

As your Love Strategist, I will help you gain the confidence to be your authentic, beautiful self in your search for a relationship, so that you feel free in expressing yourself, and trusting that by doing so, you can find incredible love.  It can help you understand why you sometimes feel hijacked by strong emotions or anxiety after a date.  I also help you identify unhealthy patterns that have kept you stuck in repeating dead end relationships (or that keep you from having any relationship at all).  

You can also listen in every week on my talk show, Destination Love, on the Voice America internet radio network, where you can learn more about the science behind relationships, the differences between men and women, self-esteem boosting topics, and so much more. Listen in Wednesdays at 9am Pacific, or download episodes at any time here. 


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