Today Is The Fall Equinox, So Do These 3 Things IMMEDIATELY!

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3 Soulful Ways To Feel Happy And Healthy This Fall

Fall is here, and with the chance of the seasons, powerful forces shift in our climate and in our lives. The change of seasons affects our activities, the foods we crave, the clothes we wear — and quite often, the mood we're in.

Wednesday September 23rd, is this year's fall equinox. For some (depending on where you live), it's a day to bring out the cozy sweaters and jump on the "pumpkin spice" bandwagon. Yet, for those who are finely tuned into your body-mind connection, the fall equinox is a powerful time to reinforce your emotional and physical reserves to ensure you have your best autumn ever — one filled with abundant energy and happiness.  

Though fall is a positive, energizing time for many people, I've found that for others, autumn can trigger energy and mood challenges in the form of seasonal affective disorder, or SAD.

Being empowered in your body-mind connection means you anticipate how seasonal changes affect you and constantly reinforce yourself in a way that readies you for the shift. Doing this helps make the equinox (and every day life) farm more pleasant for you. 

Here are my top three ways to create your own fall equinox ENERGY boost:

1. Try a fall cleanse for several days

As we shift seasons, our body often craves certain foods, or a new rhythm, so we can prepare for the temperature and atmospheric changes happening on many levels. Herbs like dandelion, milk thistle and ginger root can detox your liver and boost your bodies immunity power.

2. Shift your work-home environment to better support you

In Feng Shui, keeping chi flowing year round is important. Adding a new metal sculpture (to reinforce strength), or a fountain (to clear emotional stagnation) where it feels best for you in your home or office could prove helpful in your life. Even simple reorganization or de-cluttering adds renews energy to you and your business.

3. Create a personal equinox ritual

Make this as elaborate or as simple as you'd like. Even setting up a zen corner of your home to create space for relaxation. so you're able to keep your spirits up going into the winter. Or, having a spa day with a new treatment you've never tried before, like hot stone or thai massage, can stimulate you into feeling invigorated to cope with weather changes.

When you're more conscious of how your body best shifts with each season, you can anticipate how to prepare year round. Changes in your diet, schedule, and other needs that may reveal themselves depending on your personal needs and goals.

Between New York Fashion Week, pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks, and fall foliage beginning to peek-a-boo, there is so much to LOVE this fall season.  

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