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Who Is Your Celebrity Crush? Admitting It May Help You Find Love

I know that is random, but...who is your celebrity crush?

I love Patti Stanger and have watched some of her matchmaking shows several times. She is not afraid to speak her mind when giving relationship advice, and I like that about her. She always asks her dating and mating prospects, "Who is your celebrity crush?" For Patti, it helps to know the appearance type the client is looking for. It also helps the client by bringing a bit of clarity to your soul mate search.

Captain Crush

My celebrity crush is Adam Levine (the front man from Maroon 5, if you're not familiar). I became enamored with him a couple of years ago when I saw him on The Voice. I think he is adorable. (What you need to know to win a man's heart...Click Here)

He meets the dark and handsome standards, and I have never been with a dark-haired man. Who knows, maybe it's a sign that the next man I am with will not be my "type," whatever that is!

So who is YOUR celebrity crush? Who makes you smile whenever they show up on TV, movies or the cover of magazines? If you could have a fantasy date with a celebrity, and you knew they were going to say yes for sure, who would you pick?

Self Esteem Taken a Beating?

This is a great exercise for getting ready for new love again. I wonder if your self esteem is back to normal yet. If your self concept is too low, your mind won't let you play the celebrity crush game. That inner bossy bitch of yours will poke at you with thoughts like:

  • This is stupid.
  • No celebrity would ever look twice at me!
  • What difference does it make? He wouldn't ever pick someone like me!
  • It will make me feel worse to think about a person who would never love me back.
  • I don't believe in celebrity crushes.

The truth is that playing games like this serves to jolt your imagination into action. Imagination is the workroom of the mind. Your imagination has been under tremendous strain trying to get you through your heartbreaks and out into life again.

Isn't it exhausting to pretend everything is fine when it isn't? It is your imagination that helps you cope every day. (10 Truths About Heartbreak and Recovery)

Imagination is the Key

Setting your imagination free to pick a celebrity crush and let yourself list the reasons you like him will feed a very hungry part of your imagination...the part that likes to be happy and have fun.

You depend on your imagination to be happy and have fun. Do what you can to wake that up in yourself. Life is better that way for sure, but that isn't the reason to focus on fun and happy! The biggest reason is that men adore women who are fun and happy.

Let me repeat that: men can't resist a woman who is fun and happy.

So who is your celebrity crush and why do you crush on him (or her)? Drop a comment below and let me know!

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