These 25 Unexpected Things Could Be The Reason You're STILL Single

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In the world of energy and the law of attraction, there's a simple principle to understand: natural and universal law brings to you what you're focused on.

Many singles complain, "Oh no, you don't understand. There are no singles out there interested in me. I can't find anyone to date. Do I have to settle and live alone?"

Ironically, it's that very mindset that can keep a single person single. 

So what to do? It's difficult for some to "talk yourself into a better mood" or "create a more productive mindset." Many coaches advise just that, though. So I'm here to offer another practical way to shift your energy toward positivity.

Attack this list with passion, and address any items that are true for you. It will shock you how much your attitude will change by simply removing these energy blocks present in your life:

1. Unreturned phone calls

2. Unanswered emails

3. Unpaid bills

4. Cluttered closets and junk drawers

5. Old food in the refrigerator

6. Out of date food in the freezer

7. Out of date computer

8. Old flip cell phone

9. Pet hair everywhere

10. Smoking

11. Working long hours

12. Drains running slow

13. House interior needs painting

14. Neglected yard, garden or patio

15. No spiritual or social connections

16. Stuffy, cluttered bedroom

17. Old pillows on the bed

18. Unfinished projects

19. Messy desk

20. Accumulating junk mail

21. Old, uncomfortable mattress

22. Not respected at work 

23. Burned out light bulbs in the house

24. Scuffed up old shoes

25. Not enough time outdoors

Taking better care of your external environment will make your internal environment — your heart, emotions and thinking — improve. It's mysterious how this works, but that makes it even more fun. Step over your doubts and go through this list addressing anything you can. Before long, your spirits will lift.

One thing's for sure, the sexiest thing you can bring to a new relationship is a happy, cheerful spirit. Work on being content and at peace with your life. That's irresistible to people looking for love!

Catherine Behan is a Dating, Sex and Intimacy Coach practicing in San Diego, CA. For a free 20 minute chat to talk about manifesting your Last First Date, click here.