Anger Management

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10 years +


Brighton ESX BN107DF - United Kingdom



Additional Expertise

Astrologer, Counselor/Therapist, Health Coach, Life Coach, Wellness Coach

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

"Self respect means coming from your power, not your weakness" ~ Sanaya Roman

About Caroline Rushforth

I'm a Mind Coach and Life Coach and I typically work with super caring women who are overwhelmed with worry, negative thoughts and low self-esteem. I help them to dissolve fear to uplift their mind so they have more energy and freedom to prosper in work and relationships. As part of my work I use astrology to help my clients navigate their life blueprint, gain insight into their psyche and have fulfillment by following their true natal path. Fulfillment is an important contribution to a happy and healthy mind but in particular I love to help clients gain back control and have freedom from anxiety and worry. Through my own personal development and overcoming my own challenges, I love to help others do the same and offer faith and strength to believe that everyone can have a life they truly deserve.

I have been Coaching in the area of wellness and personal development for over 10 years. I participated in the Tony Robbins fire walk in 2006 and trained at NLP University in California and Coaching Academy in the UK. I am also the UK Trainer for the fantastic technique Wingwave Coaching which is a scientifically researched German technique using muscle testing and rapid eye movement to dissolve stress and negative thoughts. I'm excited to be able to offer this now as an online intervention in a new and innovative way as part of the my packages and programmes. I have written many articles for other online magazines and love to work with clients all over the world.

My Online Coaching Programmes include:

  • Freedom from Anxiety for Good
  • Freedom from Depression for Good
  • Freedom from Emotional Eating

I also have a Spiritual Mastery Programme for those who would like guidance from a more spiritual perspective and to raise their vibration

My hobbies include walking in nature, astrology, mind-mastery, writing, personal development, meditation and baking.

Below are some testimonials from some of the amazing clients I have worked with:

“My Freedom from Anxiety programme with Caroline has transformed my whole life. I had experienced anxiety for years and tried many talking therapies to tackle this. Nothing has given me results like Caroline’s interventions. I went to Caroline following the birth of my daughter. At this time my anxiety was controlling my life. Caroline has a unique energy and passion to create change. Caroline reached in and pulled out the roots of my difficulties. Now I feel confident , joyful and most of all empowered to be myself. Highly recommended.” ~ Gemma

“Caroline is a legend! I have been suffering for some time with depression, low self worth and despising most things in my life and being a ‘bloke’ sadly didn’t look for help. Luckily my wife contacted Caroline and now i feel a fool for not doing it sooner! Caroline has transformed my life and words cannot describe how thankful I am for what she has done for me. It really shows the stigma around male mental health needs to be resolved as men should not live in fear of talking about their feelings and emotions with people like Caroline. If your a ‘bloke’ reading this don’t live in fear, contact Caroline and let her help change your life too. Thanks again Caroline” ~ John

"Caroline is amazing and I’m very lucky to say I have had the opportunity to meet her. Caroline has a magical manner and her practices are spot on. She has an honest and kind attitude whilst being human. Caroline makes you feel safe, calm that you are able to deal with your experience.
The language and phrases is perfect which helps you reflect the incident openly but to the point. That gives you the opportunity to say good bye and let you turn your emotions into positivity. This then helps you to let go and to become present that you are free to enjoy life again. Thank you again Caroline for everything and keep on spreading your wonderful energy." ~ Louise

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