23 Expert Tips To Strengthen & Uplift Your Mind

Manifest some positivity in your life.

23 Expert Tips To Strengthen & Uplift Your Mind getty

When learning how to strengthen your mind, you need to make some changes.

As someone with depression in my early adulthood, one of my greatest fascinations has always been with the mind. Understanding the susceptibility of the mind was a big relief as I ascended upon my healing path.

I realized I had the power to change my negative thoughts, and over the years I did just that.

Now, for almost 20 years, people generally know me as an upbeat and optimistic person, and I continue to apply all that I have learned.


Maintaining a healthy state of mind is a continuous daily practice for me and should be for everyone who wants to naturally feel good in mind and body.

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Life will always throw a few curveballs, but how we bounce back is down to how much work we've done and strategies we've applied.


I tend to bounce back fairly quickly now, rather than staying in a long-term funk as my mind knows where it naturally likes to be.


The mind creates patterns and loops in how it manifests thought, so if you focus on something for long enough, it will become your reality and part of your thinking pattern.

Equally, if you stuff down emotion, it has nowhere to go — it will keep popping up to be dealt with. Very commonly, people with long-term depression will spend time reflecting on the past, often focusing on the fault in everything. (I did this, as well.)

Sometimes, they go over events that were painful — perhaps times of trauma, regret, and guilt.


If you catch yourself doing this, know there is a desire to heal at a deeper level — making some simple changes will impact positively on your health.

If you’re ready to take your healing to the next level with a specialist, cognitive intervention therapy and coaching can help better, as opposed to sticking with just simple talking therapy for deeper shifts.

The more you talk about a problem, the more energy you give it, and the bigger it becomes, continually looping around in your mind.

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Here are 23 expert tips to strengthen and uplift your mind in ways that serve you more positively.


1. Eat good, nutritious food to ensure the body has what it needs to function.

2. Sleep in a routine each day.

3. Sleep without disruption.

4. Express your feelings and thoughts written, spoken, creatively.

5. Take time for daily meditation to strengthen control of your mind.

6. Hydrate with good, clean water.

7. Interact and connect face to face with people who make you feel good and respect you. Let go of those who don’t.

8. Read inspiring books, focus on uplifting media content, and absorb positive news.

9. Practice daily positive affirmations, these teach your mind to think differently.

10. Learn an "Attitude of Gratitude". Being grateful lifts the mind and shifts it into what is going well in your life.


11. Add humor to your challenges.

12. Focus on the good that happens in each situation, everything we experience helps us grow.

13. Do more of what you love and express your creativity.

14. Have respite from the television, mobile phone, tablet, video games, and connect more with nature.

15. Make the most of the opportunities to be kind to yourself and other people.

16. Ensure you have a good work-life balance and make small changes to alleviate stress.

17. Believe you can change your thought patterns.

18. Invest in your health. If necessary, invest in an expert to help you.

19. Be committed to changing and be accountable.

20. Connect to the feeling of love and kindness to trigger this good feeling think of a person or animal you love and bring that feeling into your physical body.


21. Embrace your worth, practice positive self-talk.

22. Take each step, one at a time.

23. Move your body.


This list includes some of the most important and fundamental changes you can make to enhance the mind and step out of the darkness and into the light.

I have done and continue to do them all.

Maybe you have more you can add that are appropriate to you.

Amazing things happen when we work through our stuff.

Not only do we feel better in ourselves but our positive vibe has an impact on the people around us, including our family, friends, society, and community.

When we exude happy thoughts and feeling, the energy reverberates out into the energy fields of the collective helping them along as well.

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Caroline Rushforth is a certified NLP Coach and Life Coach with over 10 years' experience helping super-caring women who are overwhelmed with worry, negative thoughts, and low self-esteem. She offers a free 30-minute consultation via Zoom or Skype. Send her an email at caroline@carolinerushforth.com.