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Saturn Just Went Direct — It's Time To Get What You Want Out Of Love & Life!

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When Does Saturn Go Direct From Retrograde In 2018? How It Affects All Zodiac Signs Based On This Vedic Astrology Birth Chart Calculator

If you're familiar with me or my work, you know that the planet I write about most is Saturn.

And if you're familiar with astrology and have a keen interest in all there is to know about the moon, sun, stars, planets and their interactions with and effects on the zodiac signs, you may also know that on Thursday, September 6, Saturn left retrograde to go direct, which is how it will stay until April 30, 2019.

When Saturn is retrograde, it's like there's a slow build up of strength as your awareness becomes clearer and clearer.

When Saturn goes direct, it’s like a force is unleashed, driving you forward to rise up and do all you can to make your dreams — about love, life, relationships, and all the rest — your reality.

But before you can full understand how Saturn going direct affects you and your particular love life, there's more you should know about Saturn and it's influences on the whole.

In Sanskrit, Saturn is called "Shani" (शनि, Śani), which means "that which moves slowly."

And although Saturn is visible to the naked eye, it's the furthest planet from Earth, so it takes the longest to travel through the zodiac while orbiting the sun — roughly 29.5 years to our 12 months.

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Saturn is also known as the Lord of Karma, or, in a much nicer way, as the Great Teacher, as he "brings maturity and teaches us the value of patience and sacrifice."

And in Roman mythology, Saturn (or Saturnus in Latin), was the god of agriculture, liberation, and time, and is sometimes associated with death in his depiction as Father Time, whose "aged appearance represents the waning of the old year with the birth of the new."

In this context, however, death doesn't necessarily relate to the physical, but can also mean endings and losses.

And while Saturn gets blamed by some for most of life’s miseries, the truth remains that we can’t do anything great in life — including experiencing a great love life — without the qualities and powers that Saturn promotes.

In astrology, Saturn is associated with discipline, focus, restraint, and commitment.

In the astrological charts of healthy people, Saturn is always well-placed, and in relationships, Saturn connections grant dedication, loyalty, and healthy sacrifice of ego or selfishness.

Saturn is a benevolent protector who can initially seem like a too-strict parent or uptight advisor, who, in the end, you're always grateful to know has your back.

Saturn is the voice in your head that says, "Do you really need to eat that?", or, "Shouldn't you be working instead of watching so many YouTube videos?", or, "Get up and go to the gym!"

Without the support of Saturn, you'd be fat, broke, and you'd probably die early (even if you're having so much fun, you probably think you wouldn't mind much).

Saturn is also said to be the "great equalizer", treating everyone of every age, race, gender and class in the exact same way, and balancing all areas of excess.

Saturn’s primary goal is to help you all to live a life of rightness and truth, and to do only that which truly serves you on a deeper level.

Sometimes, however, what serves you, is not what you think you want.

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Most of us want life to be easy, comfortable and convenient.

At the same time, we also want abundance, fun, and accolades — but most of us don’t want to do what it would take in order for us to get those things.

When you pursue something and encounter a delay or doubt, it’s Saturn essentially whispering in your ear and asking,"Is that really your purpose? Is that really going to make you happy? Is that really what you came here to do? Just be adored and rich without the fulfillment that comes from right actions and efforts leading to earned results?"

He helps you stay true to yourself and remain aware of what you really need and want.

The more willful you are and the more you resist Saturn’s guidance, the more intensely he'll use his influence to try getting your attention and helping you correct your course.

My longtime teacher, the late and great Dr. Bill Levacy, likened Saturn to the police.

He said that when we break any rule in life — not doing what is right, not honoring ourselves, and not doing what is best for others — Saturn pulls us over to question us. If we cooperate politely and honestly, Saturn lets go with a "warning." But, if we resist or are rude or dishonest, Saturn takes us downtown and roughs us up, halting our ability to move forward toward our goals.

When it comes to love and relationships, most of us want things to come, stay and go easily, too.

We want to be loved and we want to meet "the one" by having him or her simply ring our doorbell.

But it's those things you work for, sacrifice for you, and invest yourself into that bring the most satisfaction.

Those relationships we find after enduring struggle or disappointment are all the sweeter for it, but, as with everything, a healthy balance is key.

Saturn does his part by taking from us whatever doesn't serve us on a soul level.

Now, getting back to Saturn going direct after spending the past five months in retrograde ...

Most people know about Mercury retrograde. Even people who don’t know or believe much else about astrology blame Mercury retrograde when their cell phone breaks or their ex calls or their reservations get lost.

But, they don’t realize that all of the planets in our galaxy go retrograde at some point, specifically, whenever the Earth passes that particular planet in its orbit around the Sun, making the other planet appears as though it's traveling in a backward motion.

Saturn is retrograde for approximately 140 days a few times every year, and while there, its influence is stronger and more intense.

This is when Saturn's will over you — urging you to correct your course, to be thoughtful and deliberate, and to do the right thing — can be felt most powerfully.

Many of us have to be "forced" out of our complacency and comfort to get out of that "but, I don’t wanna!" state of mind and become willing to do what's needed ... and Saturn is well aware that frustration and misery are often the best motivators.

If you've been feeling extra unsatisfied or unhappy about things, Saturn going direct means now is your chance to move forward in a positive direction.

Your time for evaluating the situation is over. It’s time to act.

It’s time to go for it and use the lessons of the last few months, finally listening to those inner whispers telling you what you have to do in order to live your true, best life.

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According to the calculations of Vedic astrology (the traditional Hindu system of astrology), which differ from those of Western astrology by almost an entire sign, Saturn has been in the sign of Sagittarius since November of last year, and it will stay in Sagittarius until January 2020.

This means that for another year and four months, you should continue to make correction, focus and investment the main three areas of focus in your life, and you will now be able to make more progress in those areas than you have in the last few months. And you’re likely to feel lighter and less worried about them as well.

Saturn affects everyone differently, and in order to understand where this period is attempting to direct you and your personal love life, you can look to your astrological chart to find the areas of life Saturn is now emphasizing for you while in the sign of Sagittarius.

To figure this out on your chart:

  • Click the link above and enter your birthday, time to the minute, and birth location
  • You will see two charts which are the same but shown in different formats — the one on the left is the South Indian format and the one on the right is the North Indian

  • Look to the chart on the right to determine where Sagittarius is by looking for "SG"
  • Then look to the number that corresponds to the same section of the chart (1 through 12)
  • That number reflects the house — or the area of life — that Sagittarius is for you
  • Scroll down to find that house and learn which aspects of your life Saturn is working fervently to change during this time

1st House: Self, identity, health, appearance issues

This is the time to focus on your persona in the world, your identity, and how others see you. If you’re unhappy with your beliefs, habits, appearance, or self-care, Saturn wants you to heal and address those things now.

You really care about how others perceive you and you try to get along and fit in, but you have to honor who you truly are, even if it means upsetting people or breaking away from your usual sources of support.

2nd House: Diet, income, communication, and family of origin, name, and reputation

This is the time to be disciplined and responsible with your diet, income and money management, as well as to learn how to improve your communication with others, especially those in your family.

3rd House: Younger siblings, short trips, marketing and promotion, and writing and performing

This is a time to heal issues with younger siblings. Look at your part, apologize if necessary, or face the truth of who they are.

It's also your time to focus more on the message you share with the world. If you’re a writer, performer or entrepreneur, it’s time to take your dreams more seriously.

4th House: Home, residence, property, vehicles, emotions and mother figures

It’s time to clean house, so organize your home, fix whatever needs fixing, repair your car, heal any issues with your parents, or face the truth of what you can and cannot get from them.

Look more honestly at your own emotional nature, who you really are, and who you need to be.

5th House: Children, the stock market, and sports

This is a time to look at your parenting issues. If you want children, take that more seriously now. If you need to step up your parenting game or get your child more support, do it.

Make sure your investments are on track and that you’re getting good advice.

6th House: Health, service, legal issues, and debts

This is a time to be more disciplined with your health and address any concerns in a serious way.

Do service work in a healthy way, pursue any legal problems to get justice, face your debts, and strive to repay them.

7th House: Personal and professional partnerships

This is a time of more success to any partners you have or healing of any relationships. Progress can be made now.

If you are single, you may feel more motivated to date or meet someone.

8th House: Sex, inheritance, and support from partners

This is a time to pursue any unearned wealth owed to you, such as commissions, residuals, or an inheritance.

You can also improve your sex life at this time, and your partners may be more financially successful or helpful now.

9th House: Philosophy, teachers and counselors, religion, and legality

This is a time where any studies you’re involved with can expand your spirituality. Your religious pursuits can grow and you can find the right higher help.

Legal issues can also be resolved or move forward now.

10th House: Career and work

This is a time your job can have more success and progress, or you can get more insight into your true career path.

11th House: Friends, groups, and organizations

This is a good time to seek support from your friends and loved ones, to join groups, or to turn to your alliances and connections for help and advancement.

12th House: Expenses, sleep, distant foreign travel, and spiritual practices

This is a good time to be more efficient with your expenses and maybe create systems to track and pay them.

Your sleep can improve or you can learn tricks and find resources to improve your rest, have a good time traveling abroad, and meditate or develop a prayer or yoga practice.

Now, you can also look to the parts of your chart that Saturn "rules."

Saturn is "in charge" of the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius, which are the natural 10th and 11th signs, but you need to know which house they are for YOU.

  • Again, look at your North Indian chart and find "CA" for Capricorn and "AQ" for Aquarius
  • Look for the number in the same place. They’ll always be consecutive, so 1 & 2, or 2 & 3, or 6 & 7, etc.
  • Look back at the houses listed above to see what each signifies for you

Those areas of life can have nice forward progress now after months of their "ruler" being more focused on inner evaluation and looking at the past than in a forward motion.

Take a moment, bow down, and thank the great "slow moving" planet Saturn for helping you finally start moving and do what you need to do.

You have no more excuses now (yup, myself included). So let’s get excited to have lives — and love lives — that are truly right and of the highest.

Saturn wouldn’t want it any other way. And neither would we. I’m rooting for you!

Until next time … May God and His planets and stars shower you with right love!

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Carol Allen is a Vedic Astrologer, Relationship Coach, and former radio show host who believes that when it comes to your relationships that are personal and emotional, looking to a man's Sun sign in relation to yours won't explain how you'll relate. You can learn more about this and so many other amazing truths at the intersection of astrology and love in a free newsletter you can sign up for Carol's free newsletter.