Don't Look To The Stars For Answers. Your Life Depends On You

Astrology seems like an easy answer to soul searching, but the only answer to better life is you.


Many people have been asking me for an astrological overview of this new year. People want the solution to a good life full of happiness
A big blog site asked me to write an article about it … a wonderful women’s group asked me to come and speak about it … a friend suggested I offer free calls to you all on the subject … and a colleague with a popular online newsletter asked me for a link to my report about it, wanting to promote it.
(The problem… I don't have a report about it!). 
Why did I say no to all that stuff? Why don’t I have a groovy 2015 report, or free calls with you (which would be super fun, actually)?


Because it’s VERY difficult to say what an entire year will be like… and it’s very hard to make it relevant to ALL of us.
What I love about astrology, is the crazy amazing insights it can offer to us individually.
When there are difficult influences, they’re not difficult for everyone.
When there are positive influences, they’re not positive for everyone.
(Which is why my “Personalize Success Calendars” are PERSONALIZED. They tell you just how YOUR 2015 will be. Not how everyone’s will be! But I digress…)
And yet, I’ve seen astrologers handle this stuff brilliantly.
I’ll never forget back in 2001 when 9/11 happened. (You likely won’t, either).
What just blew my mind about it, as an astrologer, is that a woman in India had predicted it with stunning accuracy, months in advance, stating in her magazine that “Islamic Ire would reach tragic proportions in the U.S., and there would be a great loss of life in air travel around September 14th…”
Three days off. Not bad!
This woman, Gayatri Vasudev, comes from the most esteemed astrological family in India.
I was fortunate to interview Gayatri, who generously joined me on Lisa Garr’s Public Radio show here in Los Angeles, on which she assured us that there would be no more such occurrences on U.S. soil ever again (which, if you’ll recall, we were all very worried about at the time), but that the U.S. would be drawn into multiple wars with multiple countries for many years to come…
(Ugh. Right again! Will they ever end?)


Her grandfather had founded a magazine called “The Astrological Magazine” and her father, B.V. Ramen, later took the helm, and for years predicted the events of WWII with such spot-on, to-the-minute-specificity that Hitler himself requested his services (which he politely declined…).
Making predictions about the world is actually a branch of astrology all its own – called “Mundane Astrology.”
It involves looking at the charts of world leaders, markets, countries (yes, even markets and countries have charts! Anything with a “start date” has a birth chart) and weighing it all against events throughout history.
It’s mind-numbingly complicated, and often depressing, yet endlessly fascinating.
I much prefer looking at the charts of lovers, as that’s so much more fun! (And, although complicated, way LESS complicated!)
So I bow down to my colleagues that even try.
Some of them do a truly wonderful job, and have written incredible articles about this month, and this year, and so I’ve asked a couple of them and they’ve kindly allowed me to share excerpts with you.
While there’s been some nice financial news so far in 2015 (job growth is up, the stock market is jamming, unemployment is down, etc. mostly thanks to the planet of money and banking – Jupiter – being in its favorite sign) there’s been scary terrorist activity in the last couple of weeks, to say the least (the Charlie Hebdo killings in France, the thousands murdered by Boko Haram in Nigeria…).
My colleague James Kelleher, who has an amazing history of making accurate world predictions (predicting earthquakes within days, wars, and the outcomes of elections) absolutely nailed it in his newsletter that came out days before any such events occurred.
Here’s what he said in his newsletter on January 6th:
“Mars enters Aquarius on the 4th of January. It will stay there until February 12th.   This transit may create an aggravating effect on world politics, especially anything related to terrorist activity. The rise of fundamentalist Islamic terrorist groups is related to Rahu, in astrology. Rahu has been transiting in the Sign of Virgo (warfare). Rahu entered Virgo on the 13th of July, one day before the leader of ISIL broadcast a video on the international stage announcing his intention to wage war on the rest of the non-ISIL world.
Now that Mars is in Aquarius, it is casting an agitating influence on Rahu, making it more probable that violent and unexpected events will flare up in January or Early February. On January 27th, Rahu's aspect on Mars becomes exact, making the period for about a week, on either side of that day, much more prone to acts of terrorism in general.
For individuals, the effect of this transit really depends on the particular placements of planets in your chart. In general, this is a time to simply take it easy. It is prone to flare ups of anger, and it is somewhat accident prone. So just go slowly. And yes, it is a good idea to cancel your appointment to go sky diving at that time.”
How crazy is that?
Interestingly, James spent months in Washington, D.C. researching the chart of the United States, trying to deduce the correct birth time on July 4th in 1776. His findings and eventual chart that resulted are greatly respected, and it’s worth mentioning that on 9/11 Mars and Rahu (the planets of violence and terrorism) were exactly opposite one another in the sky over key placements in that chart, forming a powerful mutual aspect between them, creating that “aggravation” then, as well… ugh…
Another Vedic astrologer (a woman this time – I love that!), Joni Patri, wrote some amazing stuff about this month (and year) for her magazine, “The Astrologic Magazine.” Last year she made some stunning predictions, warning about Ebola, plane crashes, the threat from North Korea, and accurately picking winning stocks.

Here’s an excerpt of her thoughts for this month and year:
“The aspect that truly flavors this year astrologically is Uranus conjunct Ketu. This conjunction is exact in January, which sets the tone of what is to come in 2015. Uranus symbolizes new beginnings, awakening, and the future while Ketu represents the inner worlds and our spirituality.
On the negative side, it will inspire fanatical extremes that will use outrageous measures to enforce their beliefs. Uranus rules radical and rebellious attitudes and Ketu, associated with Mars, pertains to the inner insatiable burning desires to fill an empty incomplete feeling. Many do not understand what this emptiness is about and search outside themselves to fill this desire through negative sources which bring a deep sense of disillusionment. This behavior can manifest radical behavior and fear…
Uranus and Ketu conjoin every 16 years. This conjunction and what it indicates depends on the sign in which it occurs (it’s now in Pisces). The last time Uranus conjoined Ketu in the sign of Pisces was 1847. Pisces is the sign that connects us to other worlds and spirituality. During this time there was a great spiritualist movement.
Note that this spiritualist's movement of 1847 looked at the spirit as outside themselves. They connected to spirits that have passed or angels outside themselves. Now is the time to connect to the spirit inside ourselves….
In March, the solar eclipse will be with Uranus. This means radical and unexpected events. At the time of the solar eclipse in March Mars will be conjunct Uranus adding more intensity around social uprisings and attacks throughout the world. Jupiter now in its sign of exaltation empowers this conjunction all the more…
Pisces is the sign of spirituality and otherworldly aspects since it is the last and final sign of the zodiac. This can also instigate delusional cults that are an escape from this world as well. People are looking for a connection to their spiritual aspect of their life.
Uranus and Ketu are conjunct exactly at the time of the new moon (on January 20th). This indicates a year of awakening. The consciousness of the world is going through a transformation. This means there is a deeper understanding on a spiritual and scientific level. But when the consciousness is raised the opposite extreme is heightened. Where there is the greatest light is the greatest darkness. Remember this is a place of duality and opposites….
This means this is a year of extremes and sudden awakenings to a new world. The truth on many levels materially and spiritually will be revealed.”
Hoo boy…
Makes me want chocolate. And a nap - with a cat, of course!
On the personal level, James and Joni are both highlighting influences that can make the extremes within us come forward, too.
And that brings tension.
So – we all need to do things to “blow off steam” and be deliberate and careful this year.
In other words, no crazy decisions without “sleeping on them” and running them by some people you trust.
I’d also like to suggest that this is a great year to learn how to communicate as peacefully and lovingly as possible. What they didn’t mention, but I will now, is that Saturn – the planet of learning and focus – is in the sign of Scorpio now and has been since November (according to the calculations of Vedic astrology, which differ from those of Western astrology by almost an entire sign) and that is a testy, grumpy place for Saturn to be.
So we all have to watch being argumentative and restless this year (and the next, and the next… as Saturn is parked in Scorpio until October of 2017).
I’ve spent the last decade creating things to help you create as much peace and goodwill as possible with those you love (no matter their stars), which you can find here.
While Jupiter, the planet of blessings and expansion, is happily situated in its most powerful sign (Cancer – until this coming mid-July) there’s no better time to “ramp up” your wisdom, personal growth, and understanding of it all (Jupiter happens to rule astrology, too, and there’s always a big boost in astrological teachings and studies when Jupiter is in Cancer… so if you’ve been thinking of studying this amazing subject, now is a great time for that, as well. James and Joni are both active teachers of this incredible system, and you can find their websites with all kinds of resources below).
As for me, I’m going to go get a massage on January 27th (the day James liked the least, which happens to be my birthday – ugh) and lay low and remind myself that – as always – this, too shall pass…
Until next time, may God and His planets and stars shower you with love!

Carol Allen

P.S. To find out more about James Kelleher and Joni Patri and their wonderful newsletters, books, videos, world predictions, consultations and courses, go here:,,


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