Single? 30 Ways To Spend Your Weekend


When I was single, I had a love-hate relationship with weekends. I loved having the extra time off work, but I hated that I did not have a man to spend the time with. The truth is that I did not need a man to have fun or accomplish something meaningful. In many cases, I just needed "me time." 

I am going to help you out by suggesting acivities to do this weekend. I have all kinds of ideas on how to make this, or any other weekend, enjoyable–with or without a man or a friend. Although, I strongly suggest you pick one of these and call a friend to join you this weekend. Here are 30 fun activities to do! 10 Tips For Talking To Men

1. Go on a date with a new friend.

2. Go on an inexpensive weekend getaway.

3. Visit a department store makeup section and get a free makeover.

4. Buy a new dress and pair of sandals.

5. Get tickets for a play or other live event. Discount tickets are available on the internet.

6. Go to a singles event. You can search meeting spots on the internet.

7. Go to a wine tasting event.

8. Wander around a local organic market and learn about new foods.

9. Give your dog a bath, then march her proudly around the dog park. This is a great way to meet men. 

10. Sign up for golf lessons.

11. Volunteer in your community helping children, saving the planet, rescuing animals or beautifying your city. Organizations are always looking for volunteers. 

12. Go to a museum.

13. Go to a seminar or lecture

14. Organize a car wash to raise money for a local school or charity.

15. Plant a garden.

16. Get that massage you have been talking about.

17. Have a picnic and read a book at the park.

18. Learn a new sport. 

More Single Advice From YourTango: 

19. Organize a card game and have everyone bring one guest. 

20. Take a bike ride or a hike on a trail. 

21. Go to the local big book store, find a book and read it there.

22. Take a salsa, tennis or yoga class. 

23. Go to the beach to paint, draw or just observe the beauty of your surroundings.

24. Try a new restaurant. 

25. Do a good deed. Walk someone's dog, watch someone's child while they do something fun, or shop for your elderly neighbor.

26. Call a friend, who has been down in the dumps, and ask what movie they has been wanting to see. Treat them. 

27. Walk around your neighborhood and talk to those folks you see everyday, but never speak to. 

28. Start a gratitude journal by listing all the people and things you are grateful for.

29. Visit historical attractions in your area. 

30. Make your own list of fun, meaningful and satisfying things to do.

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This article was originally published at Date Like A Grownup. Reprinted with permission from the author.