8 Ways To Exude MAJOR Confidence Around Incredibly Hot Men

You got this, girl.

8 Ways To Exude Confidence When You're Dating Someone New weheartit

I hear women describe themselves in the same way over and over again, and I bet you can identify with it, too.

"I'm generally a very friendly, confident gal... unless I'm in the company of a single man — especially one I'm attracted to. In that case I turn into mush."

Why is it that when we meet or date attractive guys — even at 40, 50 or 60 — we can become an Alien Woman from Planet WTF?

If you're anything like I was, it was sometimes hard to recognize the woman sitting in front of an attractive or available man.


When I was single, I became this insecure, demure and seemingly unfriendly woman when I was in the company of available men. And that wasn't me AT ALL!

That silly behavior went back to my junior high school days when I got nervous around the cute and popular boys. Our old habits can be hard to shake, can't they?

Here’s what I finally learned at 45: I was a grown-up woman, damnit. I knew who I was and what I wanted, and I was in charge of my life. I created my happiness. I knew how to get what I wanted.

And I wanted a man!

When I got a hold of that reality and realized the key was to be the same woman when I dated as I was in the rest of my life, it all fell into place.


I stopped thinking I had to be something different around men. I stopped being scared of them. I realized the REAL me was the type of woman whom the good guys were attracted to.

I started meeting nice, fabulous men, and soon after I met Larry.

If this resonates with you, here are some things you can do (that helped me):

1. Be conscious and self-aware of yourself.

Don't let your intellect stray too far.

2. Come up with questions you can ask to "check in" with yourself.

I got in the habit of simply asking myself, "Am I being the real me?"

3. Remind yourself: you are terrific.

It does you no good to act like something you're not.

It doesn't make sense to be anything but your authentic (fabulous) self. She's the one you want the guy to be attracted to, right? But here's a tip: you better know what's so great about you!


4. Nurture your grown-up self.

Make well-informed decisions that are best for you over the long term, not just for the moment or for today.

Does it really do you good to give into your fear today when that one guy could turn out to be someone fantastic?

5. Remember that you have a goal of finding a good man to share your life.

The way you will attain that goal is to have courage and perspective. Be willing to put yourself out there and know you can take whatever comes your way.

(A guy saying "no" to you isn't the worst thing that can happen to you. Not even close!)

6. Think of dating and finding love as one more thing you are doing to make yourself happy and better yourself.


Think of it like taking an anthropology class, going to the spa, or planning a trip to Paris. I’m serious. Men can be fun, and this doesn’t have to seem like some freaky or incredibly foreign thing in your life.

7. While you look for Mr. "I Love You", continue to enjoy your already full life and take care of yourself. 

If you're not doing this, get started NOW. The more you like yourself and your life, the more comfortable you'll feel connecting with confident and impressive men.


8. Think of meeting men and dating like anything else in your life.

Figure out what you want and decide how you're going to get it.

Let the people you love support you. Talk to them, share your hopes, and let them help. Keep learning about yourself and about men. Keep growing.

Have fun, love yourself, and get out there so you can start meeting and dating with confidence. You are in charge, sister.

Now take this list and identify the two things that, if you did them, would most positively impact your ability to meet men and create a wonderful love life.

Write at least four ACTION steps you will take in the next two weeks. Maybe you'll commit to chatting up one man every day or to creating your check-in question. Maybe you'll list the wonderful things you have to offer or find out how you can learn more about becoming the confident woman you need to be.


Bobbi Palmer is on your side. Send the action steps you choose to concentrate on to her in an email to bobbip@datelikeagrownup.com so she can hold you accountable by following up with you.