The Kind Of Faith That Matters Most Is Faith In Each Other

As long as you understand what really matters....

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Faith is a primary motivator. Faith in the universal laws — the triumph of love over hate or peace over war — has a kind of nobility about it. We aspire to honor those universal laws, so we touch the stone of faith, and it feels warm. No need to understand that warmth. It just is.

Don’t you want that kind of unreasonable faith?

I’m not saying faith is either a good thing or a bad thing in and of itself.


It can be stronger than rational thought. It can make us ignore the obvious. It can lead to weird election results, or mass suicides, or all kinds of epidemic phobias and –isms. 

Why do many of the religiously faithful condemn each other’s faith, not because of any universal law, but because of a need to profess the superiority of their own faith via unreasonable and passionate denial of others’ written truth? 

Because for them, faith trumps reason.

Why do beautiful, faithful, religious human beings feel justified to rape and murder those who don’t share their specific faith? Why does advancing a set of beliefs allow such blindness to basic human rights? 


Because for them, faith trumps reason.

Well-meaning, intelligent, compassionate human beings are capable of swallowing all kinds of poisonous Kool-Aid when their faith feels challenged by the alternatives.

Because for them, faith trumps reason. 

People who scoff at supremely untalented American Idol contestants swoon when the very same kind of music plays in musical services in their church. The faithful of those same churches marvel at their Emperor’s new clothes, even when he is clearly naked.

Why? Because for them, faith trumps reason.

Looking for a lasting relationship? Make sure your faith meshes with your partner’s. Only after you know that your faith syncs up in relation to money, politics, the environment, science, and religion would it be wise to explore sex, but do we always do things that way? No. 


Why? Because, for us — beautiful, sexual human beings —  faith trumps reason.

There are times when, indeed, faith must trump reason.

Faith is knowing bad times will pass and good times shall return.

Faith is distrust giving way to trust in light of an open-mind, even when trust at first seemed impossible.

Faith is holding onto each other when times are toughest — looking deeply into each other’s eyes, seeing the scared, anxious child who only wants to be held, and holding each other tight for mutual care and comfort.

Real commitment — real partnership — takes faith. 

Faith in your partner’s honor. Faith in your partner’s promises. Faith in the intimate moments of ecstasy you share and that tell you both more than words ever can or ever will.


To connect deeply with another being in any way at all takes faith, not reason. Reason can guide, but the power behind relationships is faith. In that wish, that trust, that embrace, that caress — there is the flame of faith.

My wish for you is to be full of genuine faith.

Not the kind that’s written in books, or spoken by religious, political or scientific leaders, but the kind that beats your heart, draws your breath, delights your senses, and sings to you in the voice of your love:


“You are mine. I adore you. We are home. We are one.”

Bill Protzmann is a speaker and life coach on a mission to raise awareness about the power of music as self-care. Want to join the music care movement? Check out the Music Care website or sign up for lessons.