Meditation: The 15-Minute Life Changer

For many of us, thinking about even getting 15 minutes alone would be a miracle. The truth is though that the busier we are the more time we seem find to get things done, whether it’s for things we love or things we must do. If you spend 15 minutes a day meditating, the changes over time that you'll see will not only make it something you love, but it will fall right onto that list of must-dos, and quickly.

The Benefits

Let's start off by mentioning the nitty-gritty. Meditation really can change your life.

• Stress relief

• Rejuvenation

• Better sleep

• Better sex (wanting sex!)

• More creativity

And that’s just naming a few of the benefits.  Meditation expands your mind making you more creative and ready to take on challenges with ease. It can even help you do that one thing you thought unattainable, relax.

A lot of what our brain is able to achieve and create hasn't even been tapped into. By clearing the mind of all the usual clutter (did I pay that bill, why didn't he call, I have to get coffee in the morning, I hate my boss, etc.), meditation allows room for us to enjoy so much more when we're in the non-meditative state.

Meditation at night helps you sleep better.  Meditation in the morning helps you ease into your day. If you need to be on top of your game at work, it can help you do that too. You’re relaxed and energized all at once. You gain control over your priorities, emotions and a whole host of other things without feeling the stress that usually comes with life’s priorities. Physically and mentally you feel stronger.

Create the Atmosphere

Preferably, you're in a somewhat quiet, uncluttered environment. If you want, light some incense or even a candle. Even staring at a candle can be considered meditation if it clears your mind. Preferably though you'll have your eyes closed during meditation, but when you do open your eyes, what would you rather see, a glowing candle or a pile of laundry on the floor?

Meditation isn't really all that complicated. It's all in the breathing, concentrating on nothing but your breathing. 

Some people prefer to meditate in quiet, but let's face it, how many of us ever get complete silence for 15 minutes straight? I suggest CDs or MP3s that play spa-like music. Test some out until you find "the one" that's right for you.

Welcome to the Alpha State

The destination in learning to meditate is achieving the Alpha state. Where your brain is normally operating in Beta (like when Google tests a new product to get out all the kinks), you're meditating to get to an Alpha state where there isn't a thought in your head. has a set of meditation MP3s they call "OmLife" and they've done all the work for you as far as achieving an almost instantaneous Alpha state. Try out their free audio available for download, no strings attached.

Whatever way you find to meditate, just make sure you find the time to meditate.  If you do it for a week straight, you’ll start see the benefits start to happen in your life. 

Wear comfortable clothes (your jammies are fine); find a place to call your own for 15 minutes (just not in the bathtub or in a moving car); breathe and I’ll see you in the Alpha state.