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About LJ Innes

First, you've got to love yourself.

My goal is to empower people to be the champions in their own lives and to have a winning relationship with themselves - allowing them to enhance all of their other personal realtionships, because as I often say, "First ... you've got to love yourself."

I am an intuitive and empathic life student.  Over many years I have absorbed the teachings of many enlightened speakers and authors and have been inspired by them to find my own path to personal freedom and happiness.  Now I use all that I've learned (and we never stop learning) to help others reach into their "true selves" to find their own best path to happiness.

Not unlike anyone else, I've made mistakes in love, friendships and relationships in general.  The thing about "mistakes" is that they can be transformed into lessons that teach us how to reach into our own souls, to find peace and happiness within ourselves and thereby allowing us to connect with others in a true and authentic way.

I can help you do what you want in this life and truly be happy - I know, because I did it.

  • Loving Yourself for Who You Truly Are
  • Finding the Right Relationship for You
  • Becoming a Dating Superstar!
  • Self-Empowerment Skills for Men and Women (I'm an equal opportunity empowerer)
  • Demystifying the Man Mind - What is He Thinking
  • Getting to the Core of a Woman's Heart - What is She Looking For in a Relationship
  • Can Friends Become Lovers and Vice Versa

My passion is to not only help you find the passion in your own life, but to live it each and every day.

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