He's Perfect, Why Can't I Stop Looking For Someone Better?

When you are in a long term relationship and feel safe, comfortable and care deeply for a person, could you be with the wrong man?  Can you have a man who loves you unconditionally and is totally into you and you still question if he is your Soulmate? How do you know if he is the ONE?

First of all, it is important to honor what you've manifested in your relationship over the time you have been together. Building a lasting relationship is a sign that you are skilled in creating a loving connection with your man.

To answer the question, "How do I know if he is the ONE?" Start by filling your heart with love for your partner.  Bring in anything else that you feel Big Love for...animals, family members, vacation memories...anything will do.

Then spend 10 seconds or so sending that love, care and appreciation to yourself and your partner (The Institute Of HeartMath refers to this effective technique as Heart Lock-ins). This will add buoyancy and regenerative energy to your entire system as well as allow you to get in touch with a perspective of greater clarity and expanded awareness.

Now,  look and "feel into" your partner as "Soul" or as some might refer to as "essence." With this deeper recognition you have a unique opportunity to realize (and feel) that your relationship can potentially be unconditional and limitless.

Connecting with each other's Soul or essence gives you the sacred opportunity to reveal your deeper selves and therefore communicate your deepest fears and insecurities to each other.

Communicating those vulnerabilities from your hearts feeds, supports and nurtures your ability to love your man (and yourself) more than you ever imagined. It will also help you (with honesty and courage) to look at the possibility that you have projected your own fears, judgments and unfair demands and expectations onto the relationship.

If you have found this to be true please be easy and gentle with yourself. Remember the loving feelings you remembered just a few moments ago. Direct that frequency of love towards your fears and anxieties.

Slowly but surely, resistance dissolves in the presence of Big Love. You will notice that some of the significance of judgments and feelings of anger and despair will melt away.

You might begin to see the issues and dynamics impacting your relationship in a different light and therefore respond quite differently to each interaction or potential conflict. There is a good chance you could even see your partner in an entirely different light as well----maybe even as THE ONE!!!!

Remember, Romantic Soul Love is only the doorway through which the two of you enter a much bigger world. Every once in a while take your wonderful guy by the hand and let loose with some Big FUN----pick something you once enjoyed and haven't done forever.

Bring your intention to fully engage and enjoy this beautiful guy and commit to open up your heart a little more every step of the way and see what happens!!! Something in the process might just shift and you could find yourself in the grips of "BIG LOVE."

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