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Kissing Games

Kissing Games

Remember those moments when you were eagerly waiting to see if the bottle landed on you? When are you going to get to kiss him?! It was so exciting back when you were fourteen, budding into a sexually adventurous human being, okay… I mean getting out of the awkward stage and finally growing something close to hips.

So when did we stop playing spin the bottle or 7 Minutes in Heaven? Do you remember the last time you played? It was so fun!

Imagine playing again… now that you’re a bit older and actually know how to kiss. Now, don’t freak out (yet). Maybe it’s not the best idea to play these games if you’re in a relationship… but if you’re not what the hell are you waiting for? Everyone likes kissing, so go for it.

Kick it old school, have a house party, let everyone have a cocktail, beer, glass of wine (or three) and see where things go. Now that everyone’s semi-inebriated state has allowed them to let go of their inhibitions, grab a bottle. Clearly they’re already one lying around, now all you have to do is gather together in something that might resemble a circle and you’re ready to go. No excuses.

Take your best friend for example, you see each other all the time, you know he’s attractive but what would it be like to kiss him? Would it be awkward? Would it hurt your friendship? When it’s a game you can let go of all these limiting thoughts. Just go for it! And when the bottle points to him, maybe you stay friends who shared one random kiss or maybe you found something more than friendship between you two. Maybe you meet the love of your life over a random kiss or find a new friend, either way you’ll have a good time doing it, and you'll feel satisfied! 

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