3 Reasons A Professional Divorce Photography Session May Be Exactly What You Need To Heal

Photo: palidachan / shutterstock
silhouette of couple standing back to back in front of sunset

He is down on one knee looking up at her ever so lovingly with anticipation. She gazes down at him, with adoration in her eyes and a smile on her lips.

He holds a sign that reads, "Will you divorce me?" She holds a sign that reads, "Yes!"

This moment, as well as the jubilant champagne popping sequence that follows, is captured by a professional photographer. 

This is what professional divorce photography looks like.

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Whether you're sharing in the celebration of your amicable split like this couple or are solo and showing off your revenge body wearing a bustier and thigh-high boots while burning your wedding gown, professional divorce photography is an option for marking this major life transition. 

From boudoir-wearing, bouquet-trashing brides to conscious decoupling couples, professional divorce photography is trending.

But, can a professional divorce photography session be healing?

As a relationship coach who often works with people going through a divorce, I was intrigued by this unique creative expression.

Thinking of my clients’ emotional struggles, I sought to find the potential benefits of booking a professional divorce photography session. And, I found them.

Here are 3 reasons to consider professional divorce photography as part of your healing journey.

1. It helps you visualize your new beginning.

While divorce represents the end of a union, it also represents a new beginning for you.

You can use the session to capture images of what represents a fresh start and, perhaps, a new look as you turn the page and begin a new chapter in your life.

While it may not yet feel like an exciting season of life — in fact, starting over may feel anxious and fearful — by documenting it with a photoshoot, you may give yourself permission to focus forward anyway.

Consider the direction you want to go now, interests you want to explore, things you want to do and accomplish. Use location and props to convey meaning to what you envision next for yourself. 

The fear of change can be gripping, but a visual reminder that you can do this may be just what you need. Your photos will become a time capsule to tell the story of your journey.

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2. You can express your most vulnerable emotions.

To cope with the emotional distress of divorce, support can be found by talking to trusted friends and family, or a therapist or coach.

Self-help strategies using tools like journaling and meditation are known to be helpful, as well as adopting an overall healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

But sometimes you just want to say, "She took me for all I had!" or "He will regret the day he left me for her!"

Those ugly emotions need to be acknowledged, validated, and released in a way that doesn’t harm anyone.

A creative professional photo session resembling the staging for a country music album cover shoot just might be both fun and cathartic.

The photographer can help you create whatever sentiment you want, capture your mood, and even tell the story of your revenge fantasy in a flash. 

3. It helps you share the news with others.

Significant milestones are photographed and shared from high school graduation to engagements to gender reveals to weddings to… divorces? 

Isn’t divorce full of memories you want to forget?

Divorce isn’t always a negative experience — it can be freeing and empowering for some. No matter the mood, it seems sharing the news with others is one of the most dreaded aspects.

In fact, it can be emotionally draining. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, as they say, sharing a photograph that tells the story can certainly save you a lot of time and energy.

Let’s face it, great photos help spread the word and social media spreads it fastest. You sent the engagement announcement, shared the wedding photos, the holiday photo cards, the vacation highlights, and visuals of other exciting and celebratory events.

The photos told the story. What do you want to tell people now?

Photos tell the story of something that already happened, and a divorce will one day be another "once upon a time" tale from your past.

When you look back at your professional divorce photos, you will be reminded that you chose not to be a victim of circumstance.

Through divorce photography, you made a decision to honor your future, express your emotions, and tell your story in your own way. 

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Ann Papayoti, PCC, is an author, speaker, and coach helping people untangle from their past, heal their hearts, and unlock their best life. She is the co-author of the intimate self-help guide, The Gift of Shift. For more information on how she can help you, visit her website.