Cougar Erotica: I Wish I Could Wrap My Legs Around You

cougar literotica

I dreamt you were at my window last night. I woke to a barely there knock and tiptoed to the front door.

"What are you doing here?" I whispered, hoping the dogs wouldn't wake up. 

"What do you think?" You whispered, as you wrapped your fingers in my hair and pulled me in to kiss you.

My head tipped back as your lips moved down to my neck. Your warm breath on my skin made my heart race.

"Yes," I barely speak. You lift me up and I wrap my legs around you. "Oh baby."

We creep into my room, muffling our giggles. I am so hungry for you, my lover. When we are together, the world is somewhere else. You rock my world and your touches convulse me. My body aches for your touch when we are apart.

I drop my robe on the floor and crawl up the mattress laying on my belly. You peel off your sweats and tee and stretch out next to me.

I lay there, knowing that any minute I would feel your hands skim my back, barely touching me. Your hands start a shiver that won't stop. I feel myself start to move in a serpentine wave that starts in my belly and radiates up and down my body.

I can't hold still under your touch.

"Turn over," you say in a rough whisper as if your breath was caught in your throat.

Immediately I turned, exposing my breasts and belly to your admiring gaze. I love that you enjoy my body. Sex has been so healing for me. Orgasm after beautiful orgasm some with you, some solo.

I can't wait to see what is next. I love this so much. You take my hands and stretch my arms over my head. With your index finger, you draw a long slow and deliciously torturous line down the center of my body. Starting at my chin and never losing contact with my skin, you skimmed down, between my breasts, slowing down as you get close to the sweetness trembling for your touch.

"I love teasing you, shall I go on?" You say penetrating my defenses.

"Yes, please." I pant out loud. Once again you trace a line down the center of me, with your tongue. Squirming and hands finally free, I reach to your head and scratch your scalp. Running my fingers through your hair, I know where you were headed and I can't hold still.

My hand drifted to hold you, now super hard against me. "Not yet," you say. "I have something else in mind."

Am I dreaming, I wonder. Do I care? 

You move down and lay your head on my lower belly. I gasp and hug you. I wrap my eager legs around you and hold you tight. God, I love having sex with you. You kiss my belly, lick and taste me. My legs loosen and fall open.

"Yes," I say. "Please, baby!" You slip to my thigh and kiss your way down to my knees. I am writhing with desire and small cries start to arrive. "Shhhh, you say. "Your roommate will hear us." I bite my lip and swallow hard. My mouth is dry and my breath is fast.

Finally, you are back hovering over me. "Please baby," I moan. "Please take me." You move in time with me and I feel your mouth against me.

I stop moving, soaking in the pleasure of your sweet tongue sweeping so softly and confidently, bringing quiet squeals of delight. Panting, I let myself relax under your touch. Orgasm finds me and my body convulses in delicious waves of pure, precious pleasure. On and on you move slowly, nibbling, tickling, stroking, all the while watching me respond to your touch. 

At last, you crawl up and wrap your leg over me. "Let me hold you a minute," you say as you squeeze me close. I let my eyes close and ride the waves of pleasure. "You are amazing. I feel so good," I speak. "Shhhh," you say, "shhhhh."

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