From Boardroom To The Bedroom, An Erotic Story

Business colleagues during the day and hot sex buddies at night...check out this secret affair

sizzling literotica

The conference had been intense and presenting our project both exhilarating and exhausting.  We had just finished our last sponsor dinner and were at last able to get away from the crowd.  As we stood in front of the elevator, the president of the network put his hand on my shoulder. 

"Could I have a word?"

I looked at you and you smirked at me. "I’ll see you tomorrow."

"Great work today." I smiled back with a wink. "Have a good night."


I watched you get into the elevator and felt myself get hard at the sight of your ass in that tight white skirt.  I knew there was a white lace thong underneath and it made my mouth water.  I turned reluctantly to follow the guy into the bar.  We had just about sealed the deal, this shouldn’t take long.

Ninety minutes later I slipped the key card into the slot and swung the door open.  I heard your favorite Thievery Corporation track playing seductively in the far end of the suite,  I was starting to get hard just thinking about you then I saw you curled on the top of the bed in my white dress shirt.  I could just glimpse the lace of your thong, white contrasting with your long tan legs. (Free Video: Why he loves your naughty side)


As if aware of my admiring glance, you turn over to your back, still asleep, white shirt cascading over your breasts, nipples visible at full attention...are you dreaming of me? The ceiling fan slowly turns over head as I lay down and wrap my arms around you. You wake up and turn your back to me so I can spoon you. 

Stretching yourself in front of me, you reach your arms back and over your head with your head on my chest, dress shirt falling open exposing your beautiful breasts.
“Mmmmmmm” you moan as I bury my nose in your hair. Your perfume invades my senses as I kiss and devour your neck, your hair on my face.

My thumb tracing your lips and moans of delight reward me as my right hand works it's way up your stomach. Your body randomly twitches to my touch.  I lift my hand and you cry softly...."Don't stop...please baby..." (To read more, click right HERE)

Catherine Behan (AKA Angel Snow) is a Peak Performance Coach specializing in teaching sex and pleasure tips through erotica. If you crave risky pleasure, can't find a partner or are just plain frustrated with sex, take the quiz at