5 Reasons You Should Be Having More Sex With Your Man

He needs it.

5 Reasons Why Sex In A Relationship Is Important To Men getty

There is one thing we all agree on — men and women see sex differently in a relationship.

It is the oldest story in the book. Women love connectedness and emotion while men are more focused on their physical needs.

The question, however, is not how vital sex is for a man, in general, but how important they consider it in a loving and healthy relationship. 

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Nobody denies that there are gender differences when it comes to what motivates us to have good sex. 

Most women would say that men’s sexual desire is selfish and they do not care about both parties enjoying sexual intercourse. That couldn’t be more wrong as men see having sex as an extremely important component of emotional closeness, especially in relationships

Here are 5 reasons why having sex is important to men and healthy relationships. 

1. It strengthens the relationship

Have you heard of sexual afterglow? According to a study, it is a feeling of elevated sexual satisfaction and you can experience it for as long as 48 hours after sex itself. This afterglow helps to strengthen the bond between two partners.


In fact, couples that have long-term relationships emphasized that a great and loving sex life plays a vital role in their bonding.

This is particularly true for men. They see sex as a way to solidify the relationship. When their partner agrees to bedroom activity, they are actually telling them they are a priority.

Men believe that sex can help to feel more united even at times when you feel apart. It is not only about physical contact, but also about pushing it forward as a couple.  

2. It helps them stay close to their partner 

As we mentioned, men see sex as a way to unite with their partner.

Imagine this scenario: You had a fight and you haven’t spoken in several days. Once you started talking and seeing each other again, men see having sex as another way of proving that your relationship is still strong.


Women mistakenly consider sex to be only physical. While it can be purely based on physical needs sometimes, men in an emotional relationship believe sex is a way for both parties to show love and demonstrate a commitment to the couples’ bond you developed.  

3. It helps them stay healthy

Did you know that sexual problems in men may appear due to the lack of sex? There are many health benefits of sex. And it may sound weird, but regular bedroom activity that helps to maintain a healthy libido and prevent erectile dysfunction issues, particularly premature ejaculation.  

Regular sexual activities also help to avoid low testosterone problems. As men age, their testosterone production reduces and that leads to decreased sex drive and a plethora of other potential issues.

Staying active in the bedroom is a way to keep testosterone levels up and remain in shape.


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4. It is far more effective than words

This may be the crucial difference between men and women. Females do not hide the fact that they are more emotional beings than males. They react to kind words and gestures and for them expressing love through words is an essential way of building intimacy.

While the saying says a picture is worth a thousand words, for men in a relationship, sexual intercourse is worth more than a thousand words.

That doesn’t mean he won’t appreciate a loving gesture or kind words, but it does mean that there is nothing better a partner can do to express love than agree to a passionate night in the bedroom.


5. The lack of sex affects their ego

Society expects men to be strong, but the truth is that they are vulnerable beings with a particularly sensitive ego. Not only will they will react when you criticize their appearance, but they also see a lack of sex as something they should worry about

Believe it or not, sex is one of the things that keep men going. It is a wrong perception that they are selfish — men want women to enjoy sex too and many are ready to go to great lengths to provide them that enjoyment.  

There is nothing better for a male’s ego than when a woman says they enjoyed spending the night with him. Keep in mind that men can also detect when their partners are not honest. And while they appreciate compliments, it is vital that they recognize honesty in the one saying them.


If we sum things up, there is only one conclusion we can make: sex is very important for men in a relationship.

They see it as one of the staples of partnership and a way to both strengthen the bond and stay close.  

That being said, they aren’t dedicated to being selfish in bed — contrary to the popular belief. Men like praise and enjoying sexual activities, but they are ready to give their best to ensure their partner is having a good time, too.


As they see sex as a crucial component of a relationship, men are ready to accept compromises and go the extra mile to ensure that the sex life is functioning perfectly.

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